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The United States Agency for International Development’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) procures both bulk and packaged food aid commodities for use in its Title II food aid and International Disaster Assistance (IDA) programs. The packaged commodities are transported and delivered to a warehouse facility where they are stored, pending re-delivery to a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO), UN organization, or cooperating country government.

USAID commodities must be stored and retained in excellent condition until they are re-delivered or shipped from our contracted warehouse facility. Given the inherent nature of food aid commodities, their shelf life and their storage conditions, there is a potential for loss, mishandling, or damages.

Contract Deliverables

Warehousing and agricultural commodities

To mitigate risk, the U. S. government contracts with commodity and warehouse inspection company(s) to provide services at the specified location(s). The contractor must have the presence and capability to provide these services globally and have the organizational ability to mobilize and respond quickly to contract requirements. The contractor shall witness and examine the stored commodities, warehouse space(s) and storage techniques utilized at each location. The contractor will document the count and condition of all food aid commodities within the warehouse(s). The contractor will provide a written report to the U.S. Government describing all findings. All inspections performed and reports issued by the contractor will be used by the Government to assure the proper care and storage of the commodities. The inspections are intended to verify that commodities remain in excellent condition, free of pests, and remain safe for human consumption.

The contractor shall have the capability to provide third party inspection of the production of specialty and emergency food at manufacturers’ facilities. The purpose of this third party facilities inspection service is to ensure that specialty food production, operations and packing processes are consistent with the USAID commodity specifications, and that USAID commodities are stored and remain in excellent condition until they are delivered or shipped to recipients. Inspection may also include out turn tally/count commodities before commodities are loaded in containers or as commodities are unloaded into the warehouse. Agricultural commodities are generally received and shipped out in metric tons ranging from 50 tons up to 10,000 tons at a time. The contractor shall inspect food aid commodities and warehouse operations every 30 days, with ad hoc inspections performed as requested by the government, sometimes in multiple warehouses.

All commodity and warehouse inspection and reporting services shall be performed with due consideration of the commodity and storage guidelines provided in the USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance Food Aid Product Information Guide and is made an integral part of this contract by reference.

For ad hoc inspection services required by USAID, individual tasks will be issued to the contractor, clearly describing technical requirements and all services to be performed and delivered, so the full price for the performance of the work can be established when the order is placed.

Ad hoc services may include inspection/commodity sampling in conflict zones or difficult areas to reach anywhere throughout the world. Recent examples include South Sudan, Syria, and Ethiopia. Ad hoc services may also include cargo/commodity surveys on board vessels at ports of call anywhere in the world.


Your response to this RFI shall contain three sections as outlined in bold below:

Technical Ability

Your response must address your experience, global presence, and technical ability in performing each of the contract deliverables above. Responses are limited to 5 pages each, excluding pricing information and cover sheet. Failure to include any of the required information will be considered inability to comply with Program requirements.

The prime contractor shall demonstrate the capacity and capability to perform at a minimum 70 percent of the requirements. The responders shall demonstrate capability to provide services globally and perform at a minimum 70 percent of the requirement identified including labs and offices globally.

Pricing estimates

Note: These estimates will assist the Contracting Officer in making a determination whether pricing is fair and reasonable based upon current market conditions.

Vendors must include an itemized quote using the excel spreadsheet that accompanies this SSN:

Rate Schedule in excel format to include a 2 year base period with 3 one year options (5 years)

Inspection, Report Preparation, Management and Administrative Rate by country/location

Service Hourly Rate $

An all-inclusive fixed hourly rate for inspection(s), sampling, report preparation, and management services. Provide pricing for base period and all option periods.

Lab Analysis of per Sample rate $

An all-inclusive price for lab analysis and lab report documentation. Provide pricing for base period and all option periods.

Out Turn Tally Inspection Rate $

An all-inclusive price for Out Turn Tally Inspection(s) and Report documentation(s). Provide pricing for base period and all option periods.

Past Performance Information: Indicate up to 3 US Government contracts where your organization has performed the deliverables described in this SSN including Project Name, location(s), level of effort (must be 70 per cent or greater), and duties or contract deliverables performed.

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