Open Call Individual Consultant or Consultancy Firms: Pedagogue to Develop Adult Learning/online Instruction Expert 

Open Call Individual Consultant or Consultancy Firms: Pedagogue to Develop Adult Learning/online Instruction Expert

Open Call Individual consultant or Consultancy Firms: Pedagogue to develop adult learning/online instruction expert

General Background

The Amazon rainforest –one of the world’s major carbon sinks, home to the richest biodiversity of any ecosystem on the planet –is in crisis. Man-made fires are bringing the Amazon to a critical tipping point that will have irreversible consequences for people, wildlife, and the planet. If destruction of the rainforest continues, it could permanently change the region’s ecosystem and rapidly accelerate climate change across the globe. We have already lost more than 15% of Amazonia and continue to lose two million hectares of forest each year. Experts say we must alter course now to avoid the

irrevocable loss of Amazonia. To avoid this tipping point, we need to conserve 80% of the total Amazon rainforest –meaning we cannot afford to lose any additional hectares of forest.Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLCs) own at least 25% of the Amazon. Strengthening IPLC management of these lands to better enable them to protect the forest they live in against growing development threats and climate change can be a solution to this crisis. Evidence shows that locally managed lands are the best protected from deforestation, including those lands managed by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. The project will be working with IPLCs located in the Amazon region from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Surinam.


Design the script for two online courses (40 minutes each) to promote knowledge and apply mechanisms to prevent gender inequity, sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassment.

Course target audience

  • Our future forest –Amazonia Verde staff and delivery partners at the regional and national levels.
  • General Conservation International staff

Key Tasks

  • 1.Compile the inputs for the theoretical and practical contents on the mechanisms for the protection of human rights and CI’s Rights Based Approach, these materials will be provided by CI (CI gender strategy and guidelines, safeguards, and CI policy on SEAH).
  • 2.Create scripts that will be used to design online graphic modules, using Pedagogical and creative methods/approaches that are participatory, tailored to CI and project-specific contexts.
  • 3.Coordination for review, insertion, adjustments, and validation of content with the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and Senior Gender Advisor of Conservation International.
  • 4.Draft Terms of Reference for the design, construction, and implementation of the course in a virtual platform to ensure the harmonization of the necessary adjustments to the content of the course. Please bear in mind that the current consultant should workwith the graphic designer to provide guidance on how to develop the course.

Required Skills and ExperienceAcademic


  • Advanced University Degree in either Social Sciences: Adult learning expert, Sociology, Anthropology, or Gender Studies, Human Rights, or Sustainable Development, Environment with specialization in gender.Experience:
  • Experience of at least 2 consultancies in the design and implementation of educational resources in gender and or/human rights or in matters related to the object of contracting with various groups (Civil Society, indigenous communities, Public Sector, etc.)
  • Experience working on a minimum of 2 consultancies related to gender issues and SEAH. •Experience working on a minimum of 2 consultancies supporting the implementation of projects in an international context.Highly desirable:
  • Qualifications and training in education for adults.

Required Languages:

  • For the consultant: excellent command of English (both spoken and written) and Spanish (spoken and written).
  • The scrips will be translated into Dutch and Portuguese. Please add this cost in your economical proposal as a separated item.

Proposals will be received throughconsultancies_ourfutureforests@conservation.orguntil 5:00 p.m. (GMT-5) on Wed 3rd, March2021.

Request for clarifications: Please send until 5:00 (GMT-5), February 23rd, 2021to the following email:

  • To help us track our procurement effort, please indicate in your email where ( you saw this tender/procurement notice.
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