RFP for Public Opinion Polling

RFP for Public Opinion Polling

RFP for Public Opinion Polling

The International Republican Institute (IRI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, organization dedicated to advancing freedom and democracy worldwide. Since 1983, IRI has worked to develop democratic institutions and ideals, carrying out a variety of international programs to promote freedom, self-government and the rule of law worldwide. IRI provides technical assistance in the areas of political party strengthening, developing civic institutions and open elections, promoting democratic governance and advancing the rule of law.

IRI is implementing a project that seeks to improve citizen-responsive governance in Cameroon. As part of this project, IRI will conduct one public opinion poll to assess citizen priorities related to healthcare, primary education, social welfare, and economic, culture and sports development. IRI will partner with a local public opinion research firm to conduct the poll. The findings from the poll will allow IRI to tailor subsequent project activities to citizen and government priorities.

Period of Performance: Date of signature to December 28, 2021.

Statement of Work

Objectives of the Research
Public opinion data shall be obtained through a municipal survey of Cameroon targeting 14 municipalities across four regions. In the North West Region, Bamenda I, Bamenda II, Bamenda III, and Bamenda City Council will be surveyed. In the South West Region, Limbe I, Limbe II, and Limbe City Council will be surveyed. In the Centre region, Yaoundé 2, Yaoundé 4, and Yaound é City Council will be surveyed. Lastly, in the Littoral Region, Douala 1, Douala 2, Douala 3, and Douala City Council will be surveyed. This municipal survey is designed to obtain the most accurate possible information about: (a) What are citizens’ priorities in the target municipalities? (b) How responsive are the surveyed municipal councils to citizen needs? (c) Are the surveyed municipal councils providing adequate support and services to the communities they represent in Cameroon? It is IRI’s preference that data collection for this survey is conducted through face-to-face interviews (PAPI/CAPI). Should this be impossible or inadvisable, IRI will accept proposals for phone interviews (CATI).

General Responsibilities of Bidder:
The bidder shall be responsible for the project design and execution, including the following specific tasks:

  • translation, formatting, pretesting, adaptation, and printing of questionnaires (PAPI) or programming of questionnaires (CAPI/CATI);
  • development of a Sampling Plan, to be based a multistage stratified plan (PAPI/CAPI) or a CATI sampling methodology (CATI); list and explain any geographic or other exclusions; the proposed Sampling Plan will be reviewed by and any further changes agreed upon by IRI and Bidder will be incorporated;
  • (c) training supervisors and interviewers;
  • (d) arranging and supervising all aspects of fieldwork, including back-checks;
  • (e) entering (only if PAPI) and processing the survey data, including data cleaning and encoding survey responses;
  • (f) ascertaining the representativeness of the sample and weighting the data, if necessary;
  • (g) statistical analysis of findings and writing a 3-5 page analytic report to place the findings within the local political and other context.

Summary of deliverables:
The Deliverables to be provided to IRI by the bidder are as follows:

  • Sampling Plan/ Methodology
  • Pretest report
  • Copies of the final questionnaire, as fielded, in English and translations
  • A complete data set formatted as SPSS file
  • A technical report
  • An analytical report
  • PowerPoint Presentation

Submission Instructions
Bids must be submitted via email to Alexander Robson at arobson@iri.org with the subject line “AFRICA2021CAMEROON01o” by the deadline listed.

Questions Deadline: February 17, 2021
Closing Deadline: February 23, 2021
Point of Contact: Alexander Robson, arobson@iri.org

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