SYRIA – CONSULTANCY : Providing Emergency Life-saving and Life-sustaining assistance to the Most Vulnerable Populations 

SYRIA – CONSULTANCY : Providing Emergency Life-saving and Life-sustaining assistance to the Most Vulnerable Populations

SYRIA – CONSULTANCY : Providing emergency life-saving and life-sustaining assistance to the most vulnerable populations

Providing emergency life-saving and life-sustaining assistance to the most vulnerable populations in a timely, effective and efficient manner in North East and North West Syria

SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL (SI) is a humanitarian NGO which is committed to meeting the vital needs of populations faced with a major crisis of human or natural origin and to strengthening their resilience, particularly with regard to WASH, FSL and S-NFI. Since early 2019, SI has partnered with ACTION FOR HUMANITY (AFH, and formerly known as Syria Relief) under two consecutive DG ECHO Actions, working in two hospitals to provide humanitarian assistance in Health and Protection sectors in Raqqa and Deir ez Zor governorates.

Purpose of evaluation After one and a half years of partnership between SI and AFH, this evaluation includes:

  1. a technical review of AFH’s health and protection activities, monitoring & accountability processes, and data collection methods; and
  2. the analysis of the partnership tools and monitoring processes currently in use and recommendations for improvements,

with the aim overall for the

  1. development of a package of monitoring standard operating procedures (SOPs) and related tools/resources to help SI’s partnerships with NGOs working outside of SI’s area of expertise

First, this evaluation will focus on the quality of services provided by Action for Humanity in the two hospitals of management and operation. A key priority for DG ECHO is the continued provision of medical services, so a technical (health/protection) review of the consistency and quality of services throughout the project period is required, as well as recommendations for AFH for future improvements and enhancements to services, including potential exit strategies.

Second, the evaluation intends on assessing the tools and monitoring processes currently used by SI to support and monitor AFH, in order to understand how these partnership resources can be developed and improved to ensure compliance, transparency and accountability between partners and to the donor, especially for remote management modalities and considering that SI is not a health or protection actor.

Finally, taking into account the results, recommendations and findings from these first two points, the evaluation will be used to develop a package of monitoring SOPs and tools to improve SI’s partnerships in Syria, especially for those NGOs working outside of SI’s areas of expertise. SI expects this evaluation to support shaping future programming for AFH’s health and protection projects, as well as SI’s partnership strategy in Syria.


Writing of a report in English including:

  • 1 inception report (3-5 pages max) outlining planned methodology, key stakeholders to interview, plan of tools required, etc.
  • 1 set of data collection tools to be reviewed and approved by SI and AFH
  • 1 workshop to present the first draft of SOP and package of monitoring tools to AFH and SI teams and gather their feedback
  • 1 presentation of main conclusions and recommendations for AFH and SI teams
  • 1 executive summary (1-2 pages max)
  • 1 narrative report (max 20 pages, not including annexes) with the main conclusions and recommendations
  • 1 partnerships SOP and package of monitoring tools (new or development versions of SI tools) based on the findings and recommendations in the narrative report and the feedback given by SI and AFH
  • Technical appendices: Containing the technical details of the evaluations as well as the terms of reference, the questionnaire models, check list and canvas interviews, potential tables or graphs, references and other sources, people and institutions contacted

Your profiles The evaluation team is expected to demonstrate the following experience and qualifications:

  • A solid and diversified experience in humanitarian assistance, ideally including evaluation of Health and Protection projects, with technical knowledge on those sectors
  • Experience of partnership management or collaboration
  • Knowledge of monitoring and accountability methodologies and best practices
  • A solid field experience of humanitarian intervention with communities,
  • Experience on remote project management
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English; working knowledge of Arabic is an advantage ,
  • A proven record of experience in conducting similar evaluations.

Application process Interested candidates should submit:

  • A technical offer including:
    • An understanding of the issues at stake as explained in the ToR, and description of the proposed approach
    • Methodology and proposed tools
    • The timetable showing the details for the completion of each of the evaluation phases. The proposed schedule should include time for briefing and debriefing on the mission and as much as possible at SI headquarter (or remotely).
  • A financial offer including a detailed budget in columns (fees, other costs)
  • An up-to-date CV of all participants within the evaluation team
  • Organization chart of the evaluation team structure
  • Samples of previous pieces of work (10 to 20 pages) from at least 2 different assignments
  • List of past experiences including description of the project evaluated, area of intervention/location and total budget
  • References

Solidarities International will consider individual candidates or teams equally.

The deadline is 31/12/2020.

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