Tal Afar City Water Services: Detailed Diagnosis and Programming Toward an Equitable and Sustainable Access to Water (RFI)

Tal Afar City Water Services: Detailed Diagnosis and Programming Toward an Equitable and Sustainable Access to Water (RFI)

Request for Interest to pre-qualify for an upcoming restricted tender: Tal Afar city’ water services

Opportunity Background

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) invites expressions of interest from qualified international consulting companies to:

  • Elaborate a detailed diagnosis of Tal Afar city’ water services to identify major vulnerabilities and risks for the recovery and operational continuity of the services, while being mindful of the interdependent essential services.
  • Formulate, in close collaboration with the provincial and municipal water authorities1 and, a strategic plan and subsequent comprehensive work programme identifying and sequencing short, mid and long-term options for improving the reliability, sustainability and equitability of access to safe water.

A restricted Request for Proposal (RfP) exercise will be launched following a review of the Expressions of Interest (EoI) received. Interested parties that demonstrate requisite capability and alignment with the ICRC’s requirements will be invited to submit detailed proposals in response to the RfP. Interested parties are invited to submit their EoI by email to the following address: gva_logpurchengineering_services@icrc.org

The ICRC shall formally respond to all interested parties via email as and when all EoIs have been reviewed.

Opportunity Structure

Brief description of the scope

Tal Afar City is located in Northern Iraq’ Ninawa governorate, approximately 50km west and about 2 hours drive from Mosul and 60km East of the Syrian border. The city covers an area of about 30km2. Tal Afar city fell under the control of the Islamic State group (ISg) in June 2014 and was retaken by Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), with support of the Kurdish Security Forces (KSF) and the International Coalition the 31.08.2017 after a 12-days intensive military offensive.

These operations toped 4 decades of continuous military and economic hardship and which eventually resulted – beyond the obvious destruction, human loss, displacement and ensuing instability – in the dramatic degradation of access to essential services. As of 2021, the recovery of access to essential services remains a work in progress and the ICRC water and habitat department will engage in supporting the municipal water service with the objective to make it sustainable and equitable.

Based on preliminary information, the main components of the water system are presented in the table below. Be aware that this is only preliminary information as one of the project deliverable consists in inventorying the water system asset.

List of information and available data

The ICRC collected initial datasets including;

  • Area to be covered by the analysis
  • Tal Afar City sub-district/municipalities boundaries, neighbourhoods and estimated population and land use, 2020.
  • Complete results of the geospatial analysis including population estimates and land-use preliminary classification, October 2020
  • All flow and pressure measurement data collected since October 2020 on all the adduction lines on all entry points to Tal Afar city water system as shown on Error! Reference source not found..
  • Weapon Contamination assessment
  • Socio-economic survey including affordability and willingness to pay study, available Q3 2021
  • Land register (parcel) and land use map from the Ministry of Housing Construction, Public Works and Municipalities, 2009 etc.
  • Damages map collected from Ministry of Planning’ National Centre for Statistics and GIS, 2018
  • High resolution satellite imagery (Digital Globe 0.5m).
  • Digital Terrain model elevation accuracy 1.00m.
  • Area-Based Assessment of Tal Afar City performed by REACH, December 2020
  • Tal Afar water system information in GIS format based on a preliminary survey performed in September 2020

Competitive Scope

Information session

An information / questions and answers session will be held on 03.feb.2021 at 14:00 (GMT+3) for interested parties to obtain introductory information about the project. This session will be conducted via electronic means and does not require in-person representation.

Link for the meeting : Microsoft team meeting

How to express interest

Organisations wishing to obtain further information and/or participate in the information session are encouraged to register their interest via email to: To: gva_logpurchengineering_services@icrc.org
Email should contain at a minimum:

  • a. Contact details
  • b. Company profile
  • c. Reference detailed list/fact sheets about similar operations (not necessarily in a disturbed context)
  • d. Proposed team with CVs that will follow such project
  • e. Rough evaluation for the necessary man days to implement such project 6 Procurement

Organisations expressing interest in the project as a result of this request will subsequently be invited to tender for consultancy services through a request for tendering (RfT).

The RfT will elaborate the nature and content of the project in further detail, including: • Terms of Reference (ToR), providing detailed information on the objectives, scope, deliverables, methodology, provisions and requirements for consultancy services; • The general conditions for consulting contracts based on standard FIDIC conditions for consultancy services, adjusted to ICRC

  • Minimum expertise, technical and financial requirements;
  • Guidance for consultants around rules to be observed by staff in the field.

Bidders can expect the RfT to be open for a period of four weeks, in which they may prepare and submit proposals based on the ToR and supporting documents.

The process will include a compulsory information session in lieu of a site visit.

Additional information

The general condition of the white FIDIC contract will apply.

For a better understanding of the project, a general view of the system as a whole and illustrations of some of the main locations are shared below.

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