Grants Management Training Workshop 22nd To 25th April 2024 Venue: Rotterdam, Netherlands

The job of Grants Management involves a difficult balancing act; ensuring that project staffs have the attitude to accomplish something meaningful and at the same time, every obligation of the funding source is met. Depending on the operating style of your organization, the complexity of the project and the nature of the funding source, effective Grants Management depend on certain core principles. These

Principles are valuable in helping to build trust with your donors and making the management process in your organization more orderly. The purpose of this course is to build the confidence and skills of those

responsible for managing institutional donor grants and to meet donors financial terms & conditions when implementing programs. Effective grant management by project implementer s can contribute to more funding for the organization.

Training Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. a) Identify and understand the critical terms and conditions of grant aid for donor-funded projects,
  2. b) Ensure compliance with donor terms and conditions,
  3. c) Providing supporting documents, correct procurement of goods and services and meeting financial reporting requirements,
  4. d) Managing multiple-funded programmes,
  5. e) Prepare a donor financial report to match with a project narrative report,
  6. f) Describe the phases in the Grant Management cycle clarify key responsibilities and routines needed for successful Grant Management,
  7. g) Identify the requirements for closing off a donor grant,
  8. h) Manage the relationship with donors, head office and implementing partners with greater confidence,
  9. i) Appreciate that finance and programme staff must work closely for

Successful Grant Management.


The following topics will be covered:

Overview of Grants Management Cycle: Developing proposal, Budgeting

Types of costs, Grant Award Contract, Types & contents, Group

Exercise, Award Review, Fundraising Tips, Implementation, Compliance,

Eligible and ineligible costs, Cost Share/ Matching costs, Procurement

Procedures, Grant Tracking Tools, : Costs eligibility, administration,

Programme evaluation, Amendment time, costs, activities, partner,

Grant Reporting, Financial Documentation and Reporting, Exercise:

Documentation, Internal Controls; Audit, Narrative Reporting,

Partnerships & consortia management, Donor Compliance, Personnel &

Staff Issues (ethics) : Contracts, Time sheets, Travel & Per diem:

Itinerary, assigning, Assets & Inventory Management, Co-Financing &

Multi- Donor Funding, Indirect Costs & Contingencies, Close Out Procedures

& the Final Tranche.


Training Fee EUR 2000 PER PERSON


How to Register for the Grants Management Workshop

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The Director of Admissions
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