Many people have the urge to set up development  organizations with the hope of  addressing myriad development problems. Setting up an organization despite good intentions has its own challenges. Many  organizations just like businesses  die in the first three years due to lack of clear plans. Some of the challenges are related to  lack of funding  and human resources, governance and management issues,  and more importantly , lack of clear vision and mission on how to drive the organization. In this Diploma Course, we take the learners through step by step processes of setting up an organization and managing to effectively to realize the objective for which it was set.

Course Content
Module 1. Developing A Strategic Plan

  • Overview of Strategic Planning
  •  Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans
  •  Developing Vision and Mission Statement
  • Creating Objectives
  • Developing Successful Strategies
  • Developing an Action Plan: Planning to Win
  • Obtaining Feedback from Constituents
  • Action Steps  for Bringing About Community Change

Module 2. Developing an Organizational Structure

  • Organizational Structure
  • Your Initiative.
  • Developing Multi-Sector Task Forces or Action Committees for the Initiative.
  • Developing an On-going Board of Directors.
  • Welcoming and Training the Board of Directors
  • Maintaining a Board of Directors
  • Writing By laws
  • Including Youth and Women on Your Board, Committee
  • Understanding and Writing contracts and Memoranda of Agreement

Module 3. Hiring and Training Key Staff  for the  Organizations

  • Developing Plan for Staff Hiring and Training
  • Preparing Job Descriptions and Selection Criteria
  • Advertising for Positions. Interviewing for Positions
  • Developing Personnel Policies
  • Developing Staff Orientation Programs
  • Developing Training Programs for Staff

Module 4. Recruiting and Training Volunteers

  • Developing a Plan for Involving Volunteers.
  • Recruiting Volunteers.
  • Developing Volunteer Orientation Programs
  • Developing Training Programs for Volunteers

Module 5. Training and Technical Assistance

  • Designing a Training Session.
  • Delivering a Training Session
  • Organizing a Conference
  • Organizing a Teleconference
  • Organizing a Retreat
  • Choosing a Consultant
  • Serving as a Consultant

This course is offered through distance learning.
Course Period:  Six Months ( Course starts on 1st of Every Month)
Course Level: Diploma in Diploma in Community Strategic Planning and Organizational Management
Course Amount 800 Euros

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