Dynamics in human settlement, demographics, disputes emanating from the management of land, social policy dynamics, political and economic power wrangles have created vulnerability to natural as well as man-made conflicts.
It takes a few minutes to bring down developments that have been made over many years. Conflicts if not addressed well can submit an organization, a community, or even a country to become dysfunctional and in some cases to total collapse.
Conflicts have either positive or negative consequences and whatever that determines the outcome is the way a particular situation will settle.

Conflicts cannot be eliminated completely, in fact, they are likely to reoccur in different ways if not resolved substantively.
This course will benefit learners through changing the common destructive narrative and responses to conflict such as altercation, disagreements, threats, anger and unfair treatment to equipping them with scenarios and  explaining how other conflict situations were handled and trying to relate with the same for shorter or long term solutions.
In this course,  we would like our learners to see  conflict situation as an opportunity of building positive and long term  relationships, creating beneficial coalitions, to foster communication and an opportunity to enhance new ideas, as well as laws and institutions for the good of the community involved.
The course also aims at equipping participants with knowledge and skills on how to manage conflict while working cooperatively towards a win/win solution among the conflicting parties.
Course Objectives

  • Defining conflict.
  • Identify assumptions of conflict.
  • Styles of conflict resolution
  • The role of communication in conflict prevention and management
  • Understanding  the principles of negotiation
  • Understanding  mediation, and advocacy
  • Effect that power has on conflict resolution.
  • Select and apply negotiation, mediation, and advocacy skills in a variety of social work contexts,
  • Strategy for continuous conflict management.

This course is offered through distance learning.
Course Period:  Six Months ( Course starts 1st of Every Month)
Course Levels: Diploma in Conflict Management
Course Amount 800 Euros

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