Diploma in Gender and Development in Humanitarian Actions

Diploma Courses

There is growing attention for gender issues globally. This has created the need for knowledge and skills building in gender empowerment in development including in humanitarian emergency situations. Humanitarian actions cannot succeed without appreciating the importance of gender equity and equality issues.

This course will empower the participants with tools for gender main streaming in humanitarian actions and development planning. It will further discuss strategies for the reduction of gender inequalities in development and humanitarian situations, organizations and communities.

At the end of the course ,participants will be better equipped with the analytical skills needed to help them understand gender issues enabling them to participate effectively in gender and development/ Humanitarian -related planning, research, policy-making and programme implementation.


  1. a) Understanding of gender issues in development and around humanitarian actions

b)Gender main streaming in theory and practice at the local and international levels

  1. c) Ability to plan, implement and measure gender equity and empowerment in development and humanitarian programming.
  2. d) How to design programmes that respond to gender equality at all levels of development and in humanitarian actions

Course Outline:

  1. a) Introduction to Gender and Development
  2. b) Gender main streaming in development and humanitarian actions
  3. c) Gender in Disaster Prevention and Management
  4. d) Gender Equality in Camp Management and Coordination
  5. e) Gender in Conflict and Peace building

f) Gender and WASH

g)Gender and Health

h)Gender and Sexual Rights

  1. i) Gender and Livelihoods
  2. J) Gender and Media

Learning Plan

  • Access to course materials on E-Learning Platform
  • Online interaction with Course Moderators
  • Monthly assignments
  • 15-20 Page Project Paper
  • End of Course Examination
  • Certification

Cost: Amount €1000 per Person

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Email: info@strategianetherlands.nl
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