Perfect Personal Assistant and Effective office Administrator Certificate Course

Course Overview

Keeping the boss organized, on time, and on track is often a challenge, especially when you are not in charge. During this course, participants will learn how to run a stellar office and stay in control, no matter how hectic the day gets.


Additionally, they will discover how to build personal credibility, use techniques for better listening, deal with difficult people, handle negative situations, and more. Skills practice exercises are interactive, allowing participants to practice what they have learned in a fun, high-energy environment.

This is the ideal course for those needing to improve their administrative assistant skills or for those looking for the extra business edge. This programme is for secretaries, personal assistants and office administrators who wish to move into more senior roles, as well as wishing to develop and refine their skills.

All managers want their secretaries or personal assistants to be ‘exceptional’ since those who are contribute significantly to their success. Today’s secretary or personal assistant must be extremely competent and reliable, capable of taking on wider tasks than those of a purely secretarial nature.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to;

  • Acquire problem solving skills
  • Make critical decisions
  • Write reports and making presentations
  • Perform administrative duties

Course Content

  • Management Principles
  • Human Resource Management
  • Types of Personal Assistants
  • Business and Employment Law
  • Managing the Office
  • Personal Assistant: Roles and Qualities


In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, students will be required to submit three assignments.

Course duration: 3 months
Course fee: €500
Regions targeted: Global

Training format:

All materials are made available through our online learning platform

Language: English and French

To register for the course, contact:

The Director of Admissions
Strategia, Netherlands
The Hague, Netherlands

Tel: +31 616950 384


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