Business Support Assistant- Alkufrah

Overview of position

Job holders performing front office management functions typically report to the Deputy Directors or Head of Offices. In cases where these positions support a specific business stream, the reporting line may be to the Head of Unit, Chief, or the designate.

Role objectives

  • Gather information with clear directions to support the drafting of documents and preparing reports by other staff.
  • Respond to queries and escalate where appropriate, in order to provide a timely and accurate service to clients.
  • Support processing and managing routine administrative and financial tasks in various functional areas, to contribute to the effective and timely management of resources.
  • Provide revision and proof-reading services for standard documents, to contribute to the development of accurate documentation.
  • Take responsibility for the maintenance of set standard systems and files, to ensure information is accurate and readily available for the function.
  • Identify simple discrepancies in statistics and data, such as missing information, and report to senior staff in order to support clients to deliver their work.
  • Take responsibility for data integrity to facilitate availability of accurate information in corporate systems.
  • Provide guidance on routine business support methods and practices to junior colleagues to ensure services are delivered consistently and to the required standards.
  • Work with a variety of individuals, taking on feedback where appropriate to assist in business support delivery for staff.

Project reporting

reporting line may be to the Head of Unit, Chief, or the designate.

Key competencies

Leads by Example with Integrity

  • Upholds our client’s values, principles, and standards.
  • Demonstrates our client’s values, principles and standards.

Respects others and values diversity

  • Values diversity using respectful and inclusive language.
  • Stays focused and calm under pressure.
  • Stays focused and calm when under pressure.
  • Demonstrates humility and a willingness to learn.
  • Shows humility and a willingness to learn and share knowledge, seeking and acting on feedback, and taking up opportunities to develop.

Drives Results and Delivers on Commitments

  • Delivers results for maximum impact.
  • Is accountable for the delivery of results.
  • Delegates appropriately.
  • Seeks guidance and support where needed.
  • Adapts readily to change.
  • Adapts readily to change adjusting work as needed.

Fosters Inclusive and Collaborative

  • Is inclusive and collaborative.
  • Promotes teamwork by sharing ideas and openly raising issues.
  • Gives timely and constructive feedback.
  • Gives timely and constructive feedback to others.
  • Builds and shares new perspectives.
  • Listens attentively to others and shares views.

Applies Strategic Thinking

  • Communicates and fulfils our client’s vision.
  • Embraces our client’s vision and how it impacts their role.
  • Embraces curiosity and new ways of doing things.
  • Shows curiosity and implements new ways of doing things when relevant.
  • Analyses and evaluates data.
  • Gathers data and shares knowledge to inform team activities.
  • Considers the impact of decisions.
  • Asks questions to understand the impact of decisions for their objectives.

Builds and Maintains Sustainable Partnerships

  • Build partnerships.
  • Acts professionally with external partners.
  • Collaborates to deliver common objectives.
  • Works together with partners to deliver common goals.

Further information


Four or more years of progressively responsible work experience in the relative business stream with experience in general administrative work.

Knowledge & Skill

  • Proficient in the use of office equipment and computer software packages, such as Microsoft Word.
  • Knowledge of work routines and methods in order to complete processes under minimal supervision.
  • Uses tact and courtesy to give and receive information to a wide range of individuals.
  • Ability to identify data discrepancies and rectify problems requiring attention.
  • Ability to offer guidance or basic on-the-job training to more junior staff.

How to apply

Candidates interested in applying for this role need to register on the CTG website as a candidate and apply for this role using this link:

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