Call for Consultancy: Fundraising mapping for SRHR programming in East Africa and strengthening fundraising capacity

The Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA) is seeking for an experienced and qualified consultant to carry out a mapping of fundraising opportunities and to strengthen the fundraising capacities of DFPA partner organizations in Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

1. Mapping Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Identify potential donors, both international and local, who have an interest in SRHR.
  • Analyze existing funding streams and explore new avenues.
  • Assess the suitability of different donors based on their alignment with SRHR goals.
  • Draft donor mapping matrix as well as proposed and justified prioritization/shortlisting of 10-15 donors for further profiling.

2. Capacity Building for Partners:

  • Provide training sessions or workshops on effective fundraising strategies.
  • Offer guidance on proposal writing, donor engagement, and reporting.
  • Collaborate with partner organizations to enhance their fundraising skills.
  • Support partner organizations to review draft proposals. Revise and refine the proposals based on feedback, ensuring clarity, coherence, and alignment with donor guidelines.

We envision a process in the following way:

  • Online orientation with key DFPA staff
  • Desk Research: Reviewing existing documents, reports, and donor databases.
  • Interviews with DFPA partners: To understand the needs for fundraising support.
  • Workshops: Preparing and facilitating workshops to share insights and strengthen capacity.
  • Application support: Closely following up on fundraising processes of partners by providing guidance, support, coaching and reviewing of applications.

We expect the consultancy to begin at the latest from August and last for a year. The scope includes desk study, preparing and facilitating workshops, supporting application processes and report compilation.

Competences and qualifications of consultant (or a team of consultants):

The Consultant should have the following competences and experience:

  • Demonstrated experience in resource mobilization/fundraising, supporting international corporate, bi-/multi-lateral and/or foundation fundraising, donor scoping and/or supporting development of fundraising strategies within the international development sector, with interest in SRHR.
  • Experience conducting research and synthesizing information; strong analytical and strategic thinking skills with the ability to conceptualize, articulate and debate relevant issues.
  • Demonstrable understanding of IPPF’s/DFPA’s mandate.
  • Excellent communication skills and in report-writing and fluency in English are required.
  • Priority will be given to a consultant placed in East Africa.

Please read the full Terms of Reference for this consultancy before applying. You will find the ToR here.

Questions regarding assignment and terms of reference may be directed to DFPA International director, Kristine Mærkedahl Jensen

How to apply

Applicants should submit:

1. CV and cover letter outlining suitability for the role and motivation for applying.

2. Proposed framework for the assignment including brief description of methodologies (max. 2 pages) and budget which also includes all costs for field visits to Kenya, Uganda & Ethiopia.

Do note that you can only upload ONE (merged) document. The document should be in a PDF version. We only accept applications uploaded through our email: no later than 22nd of May 2024, at 12 noon.

All nationalities are invited to apply for this position, but priority is given to a consultant situated in East Africa. Apply here.

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