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SRD Center is committed to supporting frontline workers and INGOs bring support to every child, youth, man, woman, and family affected by conflict and displacement.

International, state, humanitarian and local agencies are struggling to provide adequate support to help those affected in the aftermath of their journeys from conflict, in transition or when integrating into their host countries.

SRD Center will support grassroots organisations working with or planning to work with refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to help people to connect in a community and to build the resilience they need to cope with the uncertainties of what lies ahead.

Description of Partnership

A. Objective of Partnership

SRD Center would like to work with local organisations organising responses to meet the needs of refugees and IDPs in Middle East and Africa. SRD Center invites relevant Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to submit expression of interest to partner with SRD Center who will contribute in building their capacity to set up a community hub to research, data collection, and development supportting data driven decisions, and wellbeing for children, families, youth and adults.

We invite grassroots, community-based organisations (CBOs), and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and private entities with experience of working with refugees, IDPs, vulnerable young children, women, youth and their families who are already engaging with or who are mobilising to work with refugees and IDPs.

B. Key Activities

SRD Center intends to collaborate with your organization in:

  1. Designing of projects: including concept development, proposal writing and planning of project after securing fund
  2. Fundraising for designed projects: Including searching for donors/funders and responding to call for proposals
  3. Implementation of mid-term and post project evaluation: Including designing, tracking and reporting**
  4. Applied research, including needs assessment and baseline studies
  5. That is actual management of the project

C. MEAL Partnership

In terms of MEAL activities, SRD Center will collaborate with your organization in Applied Research and Innovations

SRD Center is interested with Humanitarian and Development Oriented researches that focus on:

  • Community Development
  • Labour Market and Livelihood
  • Education
  • Health

M&E Planning

  1. Organizational Structures with M&E Functions
  2. Required resources and capacities
  3. Defining who would implement the various components of the M&E plan
  4. M&E frameworks/Logical Framework
  5. Partnerships to Plan, Coordinate and Manage the M&E System
  6. Identifying where data would be stored and how it would be analyzed
  7. Defining how M&E findings would be reported to donors, stakeholders and internal staff members

Monitoring (Process Evaluation)

  1. Human Capacity Building
  2. A proposed timeline for M&EM&E Work Plan and costs
  3. Evaluation and Research
  4. Different methodologies
  5. Appropriate M&E tools for data collection
  6. Supportive Supervision and Data Auditing
  7. Data Dissemination and Use
  8. An effective implementation strategy

Impact Evaluation

  1. Required resources and capacities
  2. Human Capacity Building
  3. Evaluation and Research
  4. Different methodologies
  5. Appropriate M&E tools for data collection
  6. Identifying where data would be stored and how it would be analyzed
  7. Supportive Supervision and Data Auditing
  8. Data Dissemination and Use
  9. Communication and Advocacy

D. Kinds of Partnerships

SRD Center plans for any of the following kinds of partnership:

Strategic Partners: For partners interested in joint project implementation

Corporate Partners: For corporate Organizations/companies.

Technical Partners: For technical experts like researchers and other humanitarian and community development experts.

Grassroot Partners: For people, local groups, and CBOs at grassroots level.

What we offer

We will train partners on applied research – design and implementation, to establish a team of trained researchers and enumerators to contribute in research assignments that help the wellbeing and regulation of the communities that attend.


To be eligible, applications must meet the following conditions:

  1. Have some experience of working with refugees, IDPs, young children, youth and their families
  2. Applicants must be registered with the local authority or established legal entities
  3. We invite applications from the following countries: Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Northwest Syria, Northeast Syria, Libya, Tunis, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, and Niger but will be open to expressions from other countries.

How to apply

How to Apply

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