An international NGO working in Somalia is seeking to recruit a consultant to conduct training in Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Scope of Work and Timeline of Activities

The consultancy is expected to commence within August 2023. The consultant is expected to adopt a ‘twin-track’ approach to achieve the goal of CBR. The tabulated activities guide what needs to be done. A detailed timeline will be produced collaboratively with the consultant prior to the commencement of the consultancy. The consultant will be required to submit a technical proposal indicating the number of days and rate for the consultancy work with a realistic action plan. As a guideline, the breakdown should consist of inception phase, pre-training workshop preparation (training needs assessment, training manual), training workshop and reporting phase (training workshop report and final training manual).



1. Planning

Design and coordinate a plan and timetable for the assessments and delivery of the training.

2. Desk Research for Analytical Literature Review

Undertake desk research to synthesize and assess the current scope of knowledge attitude and practices on disabilities as well as availability and provision of support services.

3. Assessment of the CBR context teachers and children

  1. Work closely with the project team to support the development of a list of participants for semi-structured interviews and focus group consultations.
  2. Design the data collection instruments and methodologies necessary for the individual interviews and focus group consultations.
  3. Produce a Training Needs Assessment report to inform the training.

4. Design and Implement CBR/UNCRPD awareness training programme training

  1. Develop cluster training plans and deliver the training sessions for the target groups.
  2. Designate qualified staff to effectively and efficiently deliver the chosen training plan using the developed pedagogical support materials and training methodology/technique.
  3. Based on the findings of the survey, develop a training module for the target group leveraging on Psychosocial support to enhance awareness and mental well-being of children and persons with disabilities. Develop training content sensitive to:
    • Socio-cultural values of target groups;
    • Local expressions and culture-specific understanding of disabilities;
    • Explanatory models of disability, such as the role of religion in shaping beliefs, expressions, and help-seeking behaviors;
    • Reinforcing positive attitudes and action.
  4. Develop suitable training techniques or methodologies for the target audience (may include creative tools such as games, songs, fine art, audio-visuals, group discussions, demonstrations, and practice sessions with feedback and role play)
  5. Provide specialized CBR training for parents/caregivers and communities including to focal persons (community health workers) on how to identify children with disabilities, who are often hidden by their families.
  6. Develop tools for monitoring CBR at community level.

8. Draft Reporting

Based on the trainings undertaken

9. Final Reporting

Based on the reviewed draft report and feedback received.


The assessments and trainings will take place remotely using online platforms. The consultant is expected to propose least cost but the most effective approach to undertake assessments and deliver trainings. The viability of the proposed approaches and methodologies will be evaluated by the project team prior to commencement of the activities.

Expected Deliverables

All deliverables will be completed with guidance, input and feedback from the Project Manager or designate. The following outputs are expected:

    1. Detailed work plan for undertaking the assessment and delivery of the trainings.
    2. Debrief session with the organization programme management/staff on the findings.
    3. Draft and Final Training Report including the training manual.

Further Information:

  • Logistics: The consultant’s travel from base to the field and back after the end of the contract will be covered by the agency
  • Professional fee: The consultant will propose the professional fee as part of their financial proposal. (Daily rate X number of days = Total professional fee).
  • Tax and insurance: The consultants shall be responsible for their income tax and/or insurance during the assignment.

A contract will be signed by the consultant upon commencement of the assignment which will detail additional terms and conditions of service, aspects on inputs and deliverables.

Qualifications of the Consultant

  1. Post-graduate or graduate studies in Education or Social Sciences or related field
  2. Good technical knowledge on child protection and child rights issues in line with UNICEF/INEE standards.
  3. At least 3 years of previous experience in providing services to displaced populations, migrants, refugees, or conflict affected populations.
  4. Demonstrated experience in the development of training curricula and solid understanding of adult learning principles.

How to apply

Technical and Financial proposal including a detailed curriculum vitae should be sent not later than 23rd August 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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