Consultant – website stakeholder engagement

Organisational background

ECPAT International is a global network of civil society organisations working together for the elimination of the sexual exploitation of children (SEC) in all its manifestations. This includes in the context of exploitation of children in prostitution, child sexual exploitation in digital environments, the sale and trafficking of children for sexual purposes, and the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism. The ECPAT Network currently consists of 125 members working as independent organisations or coalitions in 104 countries.

The ECPAT International Secretariat (EIS) coordinates the global work of the network and is based in Bangkok, Thailand. The Secretariat designs and implements global and regional initiatives and undertakes programming, campaigning, advocacy and research to facilitate network initiatives.

Context of the assignment

ECPAT International is initiating a critical project focused on the Stakeholder Engagement phase, which is integral to our broader effort to enhance our website’s effectiveness and user experience (UX).

This project aims to precisely understand our stakeholders’ needs and expectations, forming the foundation for the subsequent UX analysis and website redesign.

Objectives of the assignment

To conduct a comprehensive engagement and consultation process with key stakeholders identified by our Senior Management Team and a previous piece of work on Audience Analysis to gather insights on their expectations and requirements from ECPAT International’s website.

This process is vital to inform the next stages of the website’s user experience improvement and redesign.

Scope of Work

The consultant will undertake the following activities:

Stakeholder Identification and Mapping:

  • Work with Head of Communications in conjunction with our Senior Management Team to identify key internal and external stakeholders relevant to ECPAT International’s operations and website usability.
  • Develop a stakeholder map categorising the stakeholders by their interest, influence, and needs concerning the website.

    Engagement and Consultation:

  • Design and conduct targeted two online workshops and surveys with the identified stakeholders to collect detailed feedback on their expectations and experiences with the current website
  • Facilitate two online focus group discussions to delve deeper into specific user needs and preferences, if required.

Analysis and Reporting:

  • Analyse the feedback collected from various engagement activities to identify common themes, expectations, and specific stakeholder requirements.
  • Prepare a comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement Report summarising the findings, insights, and recommended actions to inform the UX analysis and website redesign phase.


  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan: A detailed plan outlining the approach for identifying, engaging, and consulting with stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Report: A report documenting the engagement process, findings, stakeholder expectations, and actionable insights for the website’s UX improvement strategy.

Consultant profile

The consultant should have:

  • Demonstrable experience in engaging across diverse groups, with the ability to accommodate different needs for stakeholder engagement and consultation, especially within the non-profit or digital communications sectors.
  • Excellent analytical and synthesis skills to distil complex feedback into clear, actionable insights.
  • Strong facilitation and communication skills, capable of engaging effectively with a diverse stakeholder group.
  • A background in digital communications or UX is desirable, to align stakeholder feedback with potential website improvements.


The remote consultancy is to commence in May 2024, with an expected completion within 3 months. Specific milestones and deadlines will be established upon commencement.

This is a home-based position using its own equipment. The consultants should be available for online calls including with different time zones in particular with Thailand where ECPAT International Secretariat is based.


The total budget for this consultancy is not to exceed $10,000 USD, inclusive of all consultancy fees, applicable taxes, and any direct expenses related to the execution of stakeholder engagement activities.

ECPAT International is committed to keeping children safe. The selection process reflects our commitment to the safeguarding of children. Selected candidates will be required to sign and adhere to our Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct.

How to apply

Expression of Interest

Your proposal should include the following information

  • Proposed methodology and approach for stakeholder engagement.
  • Previous experience and qualifications relevant to the scope of work.
  • A proposed timeline and detailed budget breakdown.
  • Examples of previous stakeholder engagement reports or relevant work outputs.

Proposals can be sent to

Please mention Your name and Website stakeholder engagement in the subject header

Please direct any questions to Andrew Beaton –

Deadline – submit your proposal no later than 26 April 2024

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