Deputy Executive Director of Operations Millennium Challenge Account-Indonesia II

Introduction and Background

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) is a U.S. government corporation established in 2004. Its mission is to provide assistance that will support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in carefully selected developing countries that demonstrate a commitment to just and democratic governance, economic freedom, and investments in their citizenry. In December 2018, MCC’s Board of Directors selected Indonesia as eligible to develop a second compact. The selection reflected the strong partnership MCC and Indonesia built during the first compact. The compact agreement will be valid for a period of five years. MCC’s work with Indonesia on the second compact is currently in the pre-implementation preparation stage, prior to “Entry-Into-Force” (EIF) of the compact agreement at which time the five-year implementation period begins. The Indonesia Compact is designed to improve the country’s transport and logistics infrastructure, developing high-quality, climate-conscious transportation infrastructure in five provinces while increasing access to finance for micro-, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). Along with implementing policy and institutional reforms, the proposed grant program will include three separate projects, in alignment with Indonesia’s own development priorities: • The $350 million Advancing Transport and Logistics Accessibility Services Project (ATLAS), which aims to improve transport planning and preparation in target provinces by preparing, structuring, procuring, and delivering support to sub-national governments.

• The $95 million Financial Markets Development Project (FMDP), which will address the root causes of underdeveloped project financing market and capital markets by building capacity for and mobilizing green finance and other blended finance mechanisms.

• The $136 million Access to Finance for Women-owned / Micro-, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Finance Project, which aims to increase lending from formal financial service providers to MSMEs and women-owned MSMEs in the target provinces by gathering and analyzing MSME financial and technical performance data as well as providing technical assistance, digital and financial literacy training, and other demand-driven business development support.

The FMDP will focus on the national level while the ATLAS and MSME Finance Projects will be implemented at the sub-national level in the North Sulawesi, Riau, Riau Islands, Bali and South Sumatra provinces. The Government of Indonesia has established an Implementation Independent Agency, called the Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia II (MCA-Indonesia II or “MCA”), to act as a designee in supervising and managing the implementation of the five-year MCC Compact Program in Indonesia.

Detailed information about the MCC Indonesia Compact program is available on the MCC (refer to Annex I: Program Description of the Compact).

Position Objective

The Deputy Executive Director for Operations will assume a critical leadership role in the success of the MCA-Indonesia II in its mission to carry out the ATLAS, FMDP and MSME Finance Projects in support of and in collaboration with the office’s programmatic functions. The Deputy Executive Director for Operations oversees the overall Operations function of the MCA, and under the direction of the Executive Director, leads a team of multi-disciplinary professionals responsible for supporting the implementation of the compact’s projects. These wide- ranging disciplines include finance, administration, human resources, procurement, legal, communications, general services and information technology.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Lead the Operations function of the MCA-Indonesia II and ensure functional initiatives across administration, human resources, finance, IT, procurement, communications, legalaffairs, and other functions under Operations sufficiently support the programmatic work. Develop and implement technical systems and plans to ensure optimal operations are consistent with objectives and compliant with the Compact.
  • Adapt policies and operating frameworks to the Compact’s statutory and operational requirements, collaborating closely with other Deputy Executive Directors. Strategically allocate budgets and identify resources that are aligned to these requirements and consistent with the MCA-Indonesia II’s needs.
  • Develop teams of MCA consultant staff by recruiting in all areas of Operations division. Train these new MCA consultant staff as well as identify and engage technical resources (e.g. external consultants, MCC) to provide external advice and expertise aligned with the strategic needs of MCA-Indonesia.
  • Guide functional Operations Leads (e.g., Leads for Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Procurement, Grants and Partnerships, Communications, and Legal Affairs) and ensure a collaborative environment is established to facilitate cooperation, sharing of information, and shared accountability for the success of the Compact.
  • Create a cohesive Operations plan that integrates the different areas of Operations, with input from MCA activity leads and Deputy Executive Directors, that defines Operations initiatives and targets throughout the full life-cycle of the Compact
  • In collaboration with Deputy Executive Directors, guide units of the Government of Indonesia involved in implementing the compact on MCC technical guidelines, local regulations, and reporting requirements to ensure compliance and transparency.
  • Collaborate with the Finance Lead,
    • Serve as the primary point of contact at MCA-Indonesia II for the GOI KPA Supporting Unit that is responsible for recording MCA-I expenditures in the national budget and for providing tax relief for all MCC-funded activities.
    • Provide periodic financial reports to the GOI KPA Supporting Unit as needed.
  • In collaboration with other MCA-Indonesia II units, provide information and periodic updates about MCA-Indonesia II activities to the GOI KPA Supporting Unit as needed.
  • Oversee systems and internal controls to effectively and efficiently plan, track and monitor the organization’s financial transactions and assets.
  • Oversee MCA-Indonesia II’s internal and external audit activities.
  • Coordinate MCA-Indonesia II’s risk management strategy and activities.
  • Organize knowledge management resources and tools to strengthen the quality of services to ensure alignment with MCA Indonesia II and MCC policies and guidelines.
  • Represent the MCA-Indonesia II management team as the ultimate authority for Operations division issues in MCA’s relationships with the Government of Indonesia, the Indonesian public, auditors, MCC and international stakeholders, as well as contractors and consultants.
  • Link the MCA Operations function with the other functions of MCA, ensuring that the overall status of operations are shared, and that significant changes to legal and regulatory requirements, issues with resources and collaborative relationships are communicated to obtain guidance from the Executive Director.
  • Support the Executive Director in bridging the MCA program with the MCC and with the MCA board, ensuring that overall progress of the compact is shared and that significant changes to project design, issues with resources and collaborative relationships are communicated.
  • Travel as necessary, domestically to compact provinces and internationally, to build and maintain effective working relationships with key counterparts and stakeholders.

Key Qualifications (Education, Experience, Technical Competencies)
Required Qualifications

  • Advanced University Degree in business administration, management, or a relevant field
  • Fifteen (15) or more years of experience, including at least ten (10) in a management or leadership position of a project or company, of broad program and administrative management.
  • Demonstrated experience in handling donor funded program with annual budget of $50 to $100 million USD.
  • Successful track record (and history) of delivering high quality projects on time and within budget in a large company or donor program.
  • Experience with international donor institutions’ procurement guidelines and procedures, particularly those of the World Bank and/or US Government, and implementing projects in adherence with those guidelines.
  • Experience in managing large contracts.
  • Strong computer skills with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and familiarity with Management Information Systems and project management systems.
  • Fluency in Indonesian and excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Ability to travel to relevant project sites as needed.

Desired Qualifications

  • Previous experience in supervising the preparation of complex project budgets, project/company financial reports, and leading the development and management of financial information/management systems, processes, and standard operating procedures.
  • Knowledge of the concepts, principles and practices governing international procurement and of public procurement systems.
  • Familiarity with the Indonesian regulation related to grant management, including but not limited to budget planning and reporting using government system as well as asset management and asset transfer.
  • Understanding of the Indonesian tax regulations as well as experience in complying with tax requirements of donor-funded projects, including but not limited to payroll, customs and Value Added Tax (V.A.T) taxes.
  • Familiarity and/or experience with managing legal counsel, either in-house or external.
  • Familiarity and/or experience with managing communications and outreach teams, campaigns, and strategies.
  • Management experience in an organization, project or company with an annual budget of $50 to $100 million USD.

How to apply

The complete information about the position, and to apply, please visit:

Jobs details – Deputy Executive Director of Operations Millennium Challenge Account-Indonesia II (

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