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The Mixed Migration Centre (MMC) is a leading source of high-quality, independent data, information, research and analysis on mixed migration. The MMC is part of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), an international non-governmental organization. MMC’s flagship data collection project, 4Mi, provides regular, standardized, quantitative and globalized primary data on mixed migration flows, including data on individual profiles, migration factors, means of travel, travel conditions, smuggler economics, aspirations and destination choices. 4Mi is currently operational in West, North and East Africa, Asia, Central America and Europe (Italy and Greece), and carries out over 10,000 interviews a year, which are analyzed and published in various research reports, briefing papers and 4Mi snapshots.

MMC in West and North Africa is implementing the project “Make them count! Supporting civil society action to improve refugees’ and migrants’ livelihoods in Sousse, Tunisia” in partnership with the University of Edinburgh and the Tunisian Association Awledna (Awledna). The project is funded by the Maghreb Action on Displacement and Rights (MADAR) network, which aims to improve the humanitarian protection of vulnerable and displaced people in conflict situations in the central Maghreb region (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia).

MADAR facilitates research collaborations and commissions research projects drawing on the regional expertise of British and North African researchers in the arts, humanities, social sciences and politics. The project is being implemented in partnership with a British university, the University of Edinburgh; a Tunisian civil society association, Association Tunisienne Awledna in Sousse; and MMC.

The project “Make them count! Supporting civil society action to improve the livelihoods of refugees and migrants in Sousse, Tunisia” aims to produce an evidence base on the experiences of refugees and migrants in Sousse and to support Awledna to use this evidence base to secure funding for long-term livelihood support, among other objectives.

As part of the project, MMC is to contract a professional consultant to support Awledna in consolidating their fundraising strategy in line with the priorities of the municipality of Sousse and the needs identified in the data collected by the University of Edinburgh and the MMC.

Objectives of the consultancy assignment

The objective of the consultancy assignment is to support the refinement of Awledna’s fundraising strategy, and, in consultation with Awledna and the other project partners (MMC and the University of Edinburgh), to develop a concept note that reflects Awledna’s values, approach, experiences, and skills and that can be used in the organization’s fundraising efforts. This will include:

  • Consultations with Awledna on the organization’s existing fundraising strategy, including their priorities, skills, areas of influence, and long-term aspirations and objectives, which include the creation of a permanent refugee and migrant reception center in Erriadh, Sousse;
  • Building Awledna’s capacity to develop a long-term fundraising strategy and use data to inform this strategy, including identifying potential funders to approach at the final workshop in January 2024 after the concept note has been finalized;
  • A mapping of the initiatives, complementary projects and priorities of the municipality of Sousse to feed the development of the concept note;
  • Development and production of a 10-page concept note detailing Awledna’s long-term strategy and planning, based on the qualitative and quantitative data collected during the project, for use in relations with potential donors;
  • Direct participation in the project workshop in September 2023 to gather relevant information for the concept note.

Mission scope and methodology

The Consultant shall prepare a detailed methodology and work program indicating how the project objectives will be achieved and the level of support expected from MMC/DRC.

All deliverables must be completed and submitted to the MMC and partners in accordance with the schedule approved by the MMC at the start of the consultancy.

The contract may begin on August 15, 2023, and the days of work to be carried out will be spread over the year 2023 in accordance with the schedule to be agreed with the MMC. All deliverables must be completed and submitted in 2023.


The Consultant will deliver the following products:

  • 1 action plan/work program for the consultancy, including the proposed methodology for achieving the project’s objectives;
  • 1 mapping of existing initiatives and complementary projects, including existing Awledna partnerships to identify opportunities for formalization or upscaling;
  • 1 summary of the key data points presented by the University of Edinburgh and MMC as part of the project to inform the concept note;
  • 1 summary of Awledna’s existing fundraising strategy, including potential donors to approach;
  • 1 outline of the proposed concept note, to be validated by the technical supervisors before starting to write the concept note;
  • 1 ten-page concept note detailing Awledna’s fundraising strategy and long-term priorities for supporting refugees and migrants in Sousse, reflecting Awledna’s values, skills and approach;
    • 1 initial draft for review and feedback from technical supervisors (Awledna, University of Edinburgh and MMC);
    • 1 final version incorporating feedback from technical supervisors.

The Consultant will provide documentation by email. Language of deliverables: all development and exchanges will be in French or English, with the possibility of exchanging with Awledna in Arabic depending on the Consultant’s capabilities; all final versions of deliverables will be in English.

Duration and timetable

The total duration of the assignment will not exceed 5 months. Within this period, the Consultant will be expected to dedicate at least 20 full working days to achieve the expected activities and deliverables.

The Consultant must be prepared to complete the assignment within the timeframe agreed with the MMC at the start of the consultancy.

Eligibility and qualifications/experience required

The main requirements for the candidate’s profile are as follows:

  • Expert profile in regional and international fundraising;
  • Experience in developing fundraising strategies and tools, including concept notes and proposals for international donors;
  • Experience in using data to inform programming and funding strategies for civil society associations;
  • Proven experience in dealing with international donors;
  • Knowledge of the context of civil society in Tunisia with regard to migration;
  • Ability to work and produce deliverables in English;
  • Proven ability to produce high-quality work to a tight deadline;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in French and English, and a good level of oral and written communication in Arabic is desirable;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural context as a flexible and respectful team player;
  • Political and cultural sensitivity with qualities of patience, tact and diplomacy.

Technical supervision

The Consultant will work under the supervision of:

  • Awledna Association Tunisienne project leaders, Ichraf Ouhibi and Radhouane Fersi;
  • Project Lead University of Edinburgh, Ann-Christin Zuntz;
  • MMC project leader, Sarah Doyel.

Mission location and support

The mission will take place in Sousse, Tunisia for some activities; others can be carried out remotely.

The Consultant will use his/her own computer and cell phone.


If the Consultant is not permanently based in Sousse, the Consultant will be expected to travel to Sousse to carry out stakeholder consultations and Awledna capacity building as well as to attend the project workshop in early October 2023.

Travel costs may be included in the consultancy fee agreed with MMC at the time of contracting, or separately, depending on project requirements.

How to apply

In this link: https://jamaity.org/opportunity/drc-mmc-tunisia-call-for-consultancy/ You can find all the needed documents.

To apply please refer to the “RFP invitation letter”

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