Evaluation, Monitoring and Data Analysis Expert

Tender Proposal Submission: Evaluation, Monitoring and Data Analysis Expert

We are inviting tender proposals for the following three phases of the project:

About Us:

After launching the Mentoring initiative in early 2012, MSFNO has scaled up to respond to increasing demands from OCs and other new entities in MSF, both on mentoring and coaching. The focus of the MCHub (Mentoring & Coaching Hub) is to provide mentoring, coaching, and organizational development as generators of systemic as well as individual transformation.

Phase 1: Evaluation and Data Analysis

  • Review current data collection (Identify gaps, redundancies, blind spots)
  • Map and evaluate data management (Efficiency and ease of information extraction)
  • Compile narratives for various surveys (Mentoring Programme, IC post relationship, TC post relationship)
  • Map and review existing surveys (Usage and dissemination of results)
  • Read and evaluate the Evaluation Toolkit

Phase 2: Future Data Management Strategy

  • Establish desired data outcomes
  • Develop dissemination and reporting strategies (Dashboards, etc.)
  • Identify a strategy to become a data-driven team (Information-driven decision making and planning)
  • Enhance accountability to and from stakeholders
  • Coordinate with the MC Platform for EMR needs
  • Design a strategy for evaluation, monitoring, and/or research

Phase 3: Tool and Strategy Development

  • Design relevant tools to:
    • Feed back programme management
    • Enhance programme satisfaction
    • Measure organizational and individual impact
    • Encourage speaking out
  • Improve accountability to and from stakeholders

Competence and other requirements:

  • Competencies:
    • Planning and Organizing
    • Data Analysis and Evaluation
    • Result and Quality Orientation
    • Service Orientation
    • Analytical Thinking
  • Other Requirements:
    • Higher education (University degree)
    • Data Analysis and Evaluation experience
    • Project management experience
    • Excellent communication skills in English (spoken/written)
    • Pro-active and independent mindset
    • MSF experience is an asset

How to apply

Please submit your tender proposal for all three phases, ensuring it covers the outlined responsibilities and requirements. Your proposal should include the price inclusive of VAT or any other taxes per phase.

We look forward to receiving your proposals at agnese.pinto@oslo.msf.org

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