Expression of interest – 2771092 – Application Security Testing

World Vision International (WVI) is a Global Development Organization with a presence in over 100 countries.
WVI World Vision”) invites your company to express interest in case your scope and qualifications matches, against EOI #2771092 – Application Security Testing.

As per the need for Application Security Testing solution to proactively identify vulnerabilities during software development and application codes as well as ensure remediation of these security issue. This RFP is intended to enable World Vision to identify a vendor to test, verify, remediate, and secure all its application codes.

Supplier who can provide better pricing and value add to our existing services.

Business Requirements:

  1. Application Security testing solution
  • Identify vulnerabilities during software development by scanning application source code, prioritize and quickly ensure remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Identify open source vulnerability and license risk to better manage open-source code in WVI applications
  • Discover API in source code and compare the full API inventory against documentation to help eliminate shadow and zombie APIs and mitigate API-specific risks
  • Provide actionable insights, risk scenarios, recommendations and reports.

Company should provide the below information

  • List your company’s primary contact and back-up contact for this RFP process. Please include title, address, telephone number, and email address.
  • Describe your company’s philosophy, vision, mission and long-term strategy. Describe how this vision would benefit World Vision.
  • Describe your company’s position on forming strategic relationship with their clients.
  • Describe your experience in partnering with other global NGO clients (if any).
  • Provide your company’s audited financial statements for the current year and the last three fiscal year.
  • Provide a list of your major customers, with contact information, that are similar in size and culture as World Vision and have contracted with your company for similar requirements. World Vision may choose to contact them for reference purposes.
  • Provide a list of any subcontractors that your company uses or will use to provide the goods and/ or services requested by World Vision.
  • Describe any conflicts of interest that your company may have in entering into a relationship with World Vision.

Evaluation criteria :

  • Quality, reputation and performance of providing Application Security Testing in a global environment. World Vision requires an opportunity to evaluate models/samples for testing.
  • Thoroughness of proposal preparation.
  • Demonstrated excellence in service, support and extended warranties on a global basis.
  • Competitive pricing with the capacity to provide advance and locked global pricing as part of a very demanding marketing schedule.
  • Ability to deliver the requested goods/and or services by the required dates.
  • Ability of the selected vendor to work with World Vision to develop a co-marketing program directed at the global World Vision offices and capacity to creatively sustain the marketing strategy over the duration of the relationship with World Vision.
  • Capability of vendor to identify all elements leading to understanding of the actual landed costs by region/country and establish lead-time and fulfillment objectives.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide International account coordination and consolidated purchase reporting for World Vision management while enabling use of local accounts, support and services in our global areas of operation.

To express interest to participate and get the tender documents please send to by the 24th of July 2023.

How to apply

To express interest to be invited for such requirement and get the tender documents please send to by the 24th of July 2023.

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