GISF Technical Lead (Security & NGO Coordination)

About GISF

The Global Interagency Security Forum strengthens NGO safety and security practices worldwide. We have more than 150 member INGOs and offices in London and Washington, DC.

GISF’s member-led structure makes us a trusted platform for collaboration, a driver of innovation in security risk management (SRM), and a repository of best practices. We also work closely with policymakers to enhance their understanding of SRM.

We strengthen NGO security practice worldwide by:

  • Maintaining and building from our expertise in humanitarian security risk management
  • Offering trusted platforms for coordination and knowledge sharing
  • Driving innovation, capturing best practice, and improving SRM capabilities.
  • Supporting policy-makers and the humanitarian system to increase their understanding of SRM and maximise access to people in need

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What We Offer

  • 25 days of annual leave increasing annually after 2 years, up to a maximum 30 days (plus bank holidays)
  • Office shutdown between Christmas and New Year
  • Employer Pension contributions
  • A focus on professional development, including access to overseas events, workshops, and training

The Job

The Technical Lead (Security and Coordination) will bring extensive practical experience in NGO safety and security to enhance the capabilities of the GISF team.

Your primary responsibility will be to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of GISF’s products and services in addressing the evolving challenges faced by NGOs. This includes taking the lead in the creation and regular updating of technical guides, utilising GISF’s research to develop practical tools applicable to NGOs worldwide.

You will also spearhead the development and delivery of training programs and workshops for GISF, catering to a diverse audience that may range from INGO Security Directors to National NGO security focal points in their respective countries.

In times of crisis, the Technical Lead will be deployed rapidly for short-term assignments to support NGO security coordination in locations lacking pre-existing coordination structures or requiring additional assistance, in alignment with GISF’s current funding provisions.

Additionally, you will serve as a representative of GISF externally, fostering relationships with regional NGO SRM coordination groups and occasionally attending events on behalf of GISF. Your role will play a crucial part in advancing GISF’s mission and influence in the broader NGO safety and security community.

Job Description

Research, Guides and Training

  • Lead on developing new technical guides for NGOs based on GISF research and best practice, and updating existing guides to ensure they remain relevant and current.
  • Lead on the development and delivery to NGO staff of trainings and workshops based on GISF’s technical guides and within GISF projects.
  • Engage and manage consultants as required to deliver workshops and trainings.
  • Support the Research team through the research cycle – reviewing and contributing to Terms of Reference, assessing suitability of researchers, reviewing drafts for real-world relevance.
  • Maintain an acute awareness of developments in NGO safety and security, identify key knowledge gaps relevant to GISF’s work and liaise with relevant individuals and teams to fill them.
  • Contribute to project management of relevant grants.

Member & NGO Services

  • Deploy at short notice to provide short-term (up to 3 weeks) SRM coordination support during sudden onset crises, where there are insufficient pre-existing coordination structures. This will be in close coordination with relevant NGO fora. Dependent on access, this may need to be carried out remotely.
  • Support affected NGOs to build their own sustainable SRM coordination capacity.
  • Facilitate virtual roundtables with NGOs in response to crises or elevated security situations.
  • Contribute to the Research team’s Annual Report on the global state of NGO Safety and Security.
  • Contribute to development of annual member survey.
  • Contribute to building a pipeline of engaging and relevant content for GISF webinars and blogs.

External engagement, relationships, and frameworks

  • Support case management of issues raised via the Saving Lives Together feedback mechanism.
  • Map and track NGO SRM coordination bodies at the country and regional level, maintaining a current contact directory.
  • Provide adhoc and formal support to NGO SRM coordination bodies as directed.
  • Represent GISF at external events, including delivering presentations.
  • Contribute to agenda development for events including GISF’s Forums, Humanitarian Networks Partnership Week, AidEx, etc.
  • Develop and run sessions at GISF’s Forums and other events.
  • Identify opportunities for GISF to present at or convene meetings, workshops, side sessions in areas relevant to GISF’s policy and programming objectives.
  • Working with relevant colleagues, develop and maintain relationships with key stakeholders across government and civil society in relation to NGO safety and security, and other relevant themes.
  • Work with communications, fundraising and advocacy colleagues to inform external engagement and achieve impact with external audiences.
  • Represent GISF, as directed, at networking platforms such as the Civil-Military Advisory Group (CMAG) and the Global Access Working Group.


  • Take responsibility for safety and security of GISF staff and programmes, ensuring appropriate training is in place and risk assessments are undertaken prior to travel and programme activities.
  • Maintain and implement GISF’s organisational security policy.
  • Contribute to proposal development for new funding opportunities.
  • Manage budget allocations

Person Specification


  • At least five years of demonstrated experience in NGO safety and security.
    • Varied experience working across the humanitarian, development and human rights sectors. (Desirable)
  • Experience in access planning and negotiations. (Desirable)
  • Demonstrable experience in developing and delivering trainings to a range of audiences.
  • Demonstrable experience in developing and delivering technical guides, security policies, etc.
  • Experience participating in security coordination platforms.
  • Experience participating in the response to an acute crisis. (Desirable)
  • Experience working with national NGOs on SRM.
  • Demonstrable experience of project management, delivering to agreed outcomes, and monitoring and evaluating success.
  • Experience in working collaboratively and inclusively with a wide range of colleagues and experts.
  • Demonstrated experience working independently in difficult environments.

Skills and Knowledge

  • A thorough knowledge of security risk management principles, security in unstable environments, duty of care, protection strategies, access.
  • Awareness of key political issues affecting safety and security in the NGO sector.
  • Understanding of how to develop policies and procedures for an NGO, and how to tailor those to available resources.
  • Understanding of modern training methodologies, including remote and digital
  • A capable writer.
  • Strong relationship management skills and an ability to find solutions and common ground in the best interest of the organisation.
  • Clear communication skills, with experience of speaking in public and to senior leaders and stakeholders.


  • Confident communicator
  • Ability to work independently, but also to identify the need to convene or consult when needed.
  • Ability to work collaboratively and in line with organisational values.
  • Innovative and creative, bringing strong professional experience, aptitude and motivation to further the team’s performance and profile.
  • Ability to network and establish good working relationships with a variety of contacts, comfortably engaging with people at a range of levels, as well as with those who have both significant and limited technical understanding of GISF’s work.
  • Enthusiastic, willing to learn, and motivated by honing skills and working as part of a new team that is developing effective ways of working.
  • Committed to the vision, mission and values of GISF.

All GISF staff are expected to undertake the following general duties:

  • Work within the framework of GISF’s core values, promoting its ethos and mission statement.
  • Work towards achieving GISF’s objectives
  • Ensure familiarity with and adhere to all GISF policies and procedures and keep informed of GISF activities
  • Undertake and apply learning from appropriate training and development programmes.
  • Travel overseas, sometimes to developing countries and areas in conflict, as and when required.
  • Undertake the role in a manner appropriate to the cultural context and within the local legal framework.
  • Understand and uphold the standards outlined in GISF’s Safeguarding Framework

How to apply

Application is by submission of an application form, CV and cover letter. This should be sent to the GISF Business and Operations Manager, Justina Amenu (

The cover letter should be no more than two pages, and explain why you are interested in this post with GISF and how your skills and experience make you a good fit.

Also complete the attached Application Form. Your application will not be considered without this

Closing date: 9 February 2024

For further details: See or contact

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