International River Convoy Leader / River Mission Leader

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Overview of position:
Required to transport cargo in the form of both food & non food items in accordance to the procedures & normative guidelines, as established by our client.

Perform identical duties as Boat Captains, as indicated below, but with the additional responsibilities of:
Comply with SOP for inland waterways transport & convoys for our client in South Sudan.
Provide leadership & guidance to the boats or barges under the convoy.
Provide oversight & supervision of all the functions & responsibilities of each boat / barge captain during the mission ensuring that they are adhered to, i.e. ensure that boat & barges contractors operated in compliance to our clients rules, policies & guidelines & applicable local laws.
In this regard the Convoy Leader will regulate the safe navigation of the boat / barges & the safety of all passengers & supplies / cargo.
The Convoy Leader will report any misbehaviour or threat to safety & security of the crew during movement.
Responsible for telecommunications & usage of HF & VHF radio & Thuraya communications to inform Logistics Officer of progress & position on an hourly basis on highly unsecured locations.
Responsible for all security issues that may arise & always decide safest option for convoy & use careful judgement to ensure safe passage.
In the event of breakdown or recovery, decide upon best course of action to recover the boat or barge in the safest & quickest manner without potential damage being caused by in this exercise.
Obtain administrative & logistical requirements for the mission, including & not limited to tasking order, travel authorization, crew list, waybills, adequate amount of fuel & oil plus 25% reserve, adequate amount of local currency for contingencies & adequate food & water supplies, camping supplies & accommodation arrangements.
Perform inspection of the boats & / or barges & ensure that they are in a good mechanical condition & to report any problems or defects to immediate supervisor.
Responsible to ensure that the cargo loaded at origin is safely transported to the destination free from contamination, losses or damage & held accountable for the same, will witness loading together with the Tally Clerk & ensure signing and endorsing of way bill at destination.
Held responsible & accountable for boats & / or barges & any tools or equipment given to the crew (& signed for) & ensure that it remains in good condition.
Ensure that the boats & / or barges are loaded (metric tonnes / CBM) in accordance to the established payload & under no circumstances to exceed this limit.
Cargo must be loaded uniformly & equally distributed for safety reasons.
Undertake pre loading inspection of the boats & / or barges, jointly with Field Office Logistics Officer at port of loading & ensure that commodities are covered with tarpaulin / waterproof sheet to avoid damage of food during transit.
The Convoy Leader has to ensure that cargo is being offloaded at the correct destination as per the waybills.
The Convoy Leader will only travel to authorised destination & only load authorised cargo, under no circumstance shall deviate from this unless authorised by immediate supervisor.
Submit voyage mission end report, including information related & not limited to daily narrative, check points report & any other accessibility constraints.
Will perform any other duties as requested by immediate supervisor.

Paramount importance shall be fixed to comply with the following:
All passengers boarding the boat are well documented, that is, in possession of valid IDs & are authorized by our client to be on the boat.
Deny unauthorized persons access to the boat while at port or while on transit.
No weapons, ammunitions & uniformed individuals are carried on the boat.
No hazardous materials (hazmat) such as combustible gaseous & liquid materials are carried on board when transporting passengers.
The boat display visibility implements, i.e. our clients flags are hoisted & their stickers are conspicuously displayed on both sides of the boat.
Report all incidents & serves as focal person during investigations of incidents involving the boat s / he is operating, or convoy s / he is leading.
Boats are operated only during hours that UN movements are allowed by the country SRM similar for road movements.
No movements before 7:00 am & after 6:00 pm.
Consideration is to be taken to the vulnerability of indigenous boats to capsize when encountering water wake turbulence caused by larger boats.
Full power should only be employed during emergency situations to save lives, such as in the presence of an imminent armed threat, medical emergency, during rescue efforts & when towing another boat.
Boats maintain a safe distance of 200 – 300 meters to avoid water wake turbulence & as a measure against ambushes.
At the same time, they maintain each one remains in sight with another boat in the convoy.

Project reporting:
This role will work under the direct supervision of the Logistics Officer.

Key competencies:
Minimum of 5 years of demonstrable relevant transport experience & / or minimum of 3 years of demonstrable relevant waterway navigation experience.
Must be a high school graduate.
fluency in English is essential & fluency in Arabic is desirable.
Required to verify that cargo is loaded, securely & safely, transported from origin to destination in a secure dry environment & duly received in a good sound condition at the receiving location.
Ensure that both loading / unloading times are kept to a minimum acceptable level & to report any abnormal waiting times.
At security checkpoints, the Convoy Leader will take the lead in ensuring cooperation at checkpoints.
Upon approaching a security checkpoint, the lead boat should inform other boats in the convoy through pre arranged signal or through VHF call.
The Convoy Leader will inform the radio room in that situation.
Another call to the radio room has to be made after passing the checkpoint.
The Convoy Leader shall report all incidents immediately to our clients radio room who will then immediately inform our clients security team.
These incidents include & not limited to loss of propulsion, missing passenger, person thrown overboard, missing asset, collision, illness, injury, armed threat, intimidation, checkpoints, ambush, attempts of taxation or extortion, collision & tragedy at sea (including third party tragic river accidents), forceful introduction of firearms, ammunition & uniformed personnel & loss of communications.
Required to report on time for duty as per establish established working hours & sign the time sheet prepared for this purpose.

Team management:
Will liaise & cooperate with all other client employees & cooperating partners.

Further information:
Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.

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