JD for Global Security and Safeguarding Manager V1


Global security and Safeguarding Manager

Place of work

Hybrid: Haifa, IL, Madrid, SP and international

Service/ dept


Line manager



Level: Senior Management

Position : contingent upon funding.

Reporting to


Area of activity

Emergency response, preparedness response

Experience, qualifications

  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • Experience in emergency humanitarian responses relevant
  • Knowledge or training in front line responses – minimum of 10 years experience including dedicated experience in access negotiation
  • Experience dealing with matters of a confidential, discrete and sensitive nature
  • Experience working in NGO and/or UN working environment
  • Specialized knowledge in negotiation of safe movements of humanitarians in emergency, unstable contexts
  • Senior management experience
  • Established and growing security and safeguarding network
  • Highly organized with excellent logistical and security analysis skills
  • Strong ICT skills
  • Clear capacity or commitment to learn how to use monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning, and MHPSS
  • Fluent in English
  • Arabic is an asset but fluency is not mandatory


In coordination with SMT, responsible for safeguarding the implementation of safe and effective MHPSS responses delivered directly or supported by Humanity Crew actions

Overall, Ensure safeguarding practices in order to facilitate safeguarding awareness including security mitigations are prioritized at all times above others, of suitable and appropriate contextualisation, and contributing to Humanity Crew’s organization institutional capacity of security and safeguarding as standards that drive all programming.

Objective 1: Drive Institutional capacity development and match programs capacity to safeguarding capacity

  • Prepare and lead the day to day implementation of security measures including developing, updating and monitoring security tools
  • Developing and circulating security reports – based on triangulated sources
  • Ensuring all staff and volunteer movements are tracked, including ensuring the appropriate security requirements and equipment are in place at times with relevant staff and volunteer trained
  • Drive local/ground governmental and institutional engagements to support access of Humanity Crew humanitarian services and goods, and maintain negotiation and follow up to support sustained access
  • Build relationships with relevant authorities including local and international including high level representation
  • Participate in the mobilization of resources needed to drive institutional capacity
  • Analysis of global security trends and anticipating regions of need with pre-empted live analysis, with regular reporting to SMT and program teams as needed

Objective 2: Lead in coordination with COO and SMT overall on capacity building on program risk and security management

  • Participate in real time monitoring and evaluation of MHPSS activities as they relate to security and safeguarding concerns, including relevant allocation of resources
  • Drive risk management through all areas of implementation and planning
  • Proactively and reactively conduct assessments to support best practices in front line responses including reviewing of security related information (security incident and events, supports), actively apply corporate, universal and/or local information management tools to produce a scope of analyses disseminated suited to audience needs and capacities
  • Actively participate in the development of safe-gaurding mechanisms, advocating for their applied practice in operations
  • Ensure the continued safety of all personnel and establish the security evacuation plans as needed
  • Facilitate along with all personnel including SMT a healthy (physical and mentally safe) work environment with reasonable workloads, leave as well as other mechanisms to prevent risk of burnout, excessive stresses and other behavioral challenges that can create risk in the workplace.

Objective 3: Work collaboratively with program and MEAL teams to ensure roll out and reinforcement of safeguarding measures

  • Plan and coordinate in emergency and hub responses personnel activities based on security assessments to support safe and effective programming
  • Assist in the security and safeguarding decision making, including development of minimum operational security standards in collaboration with COO and other relevant colleagues
  • Facilitate the safe and secure implementation of the Humanity Crew Minimum service package including psychoeducation sessions, MHPSS case management, meaningful cultural activity, referrals, training and assessments in preparation for Hub (local partner) activities.
  • Participate in the handling of insecurities or safeguarding concerns, reported cases and identify best steps forward.
  • Assume the role of security and safeguarding capacitor for hub organizations where needed with assessments pertaining to the field and online presence of Humanity Crew staff, and at minimum assessments to identify specialized needs in potential hubs to be reflected in hub capacitation.
  • Completing, reviewing and keeping a live referral pathway for Humanity Crew safeguarding needs .

How to apply

Please send your CV & Covering letter to info@humanitycrew.org

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