Lime Stabilized Soil expert and training Consultant – Cox’s Bazar

Habitat for Humanity International (“HFHI”) is a non-profit faith-based organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness worldwide and to making adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat for Humanity is founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple, decent, affordable place to live in dignity and safety. Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh (HFHB) is currently looking for interested and qualified candidates for the position of:

Lime Stabilized Soil expert and training Consultant – Cox’s Bazar

The Consultant will effectively and efficiently lead and train in Lime Stabilized Soil (LSS) materials production activities at the Shelter Lab/workshop in support of Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh initiatives for improving site infrastructure conditions and shelter quality, durability, flood and fire resilience, in both the Rohingya refugee camps and the Bangladesh host communities. This is a full-time consultancy position and will be deployed for 6 months from the date of agreement.


  • Design, plan and lead LSS activities through all stages within the HFHB Shelter Lab.
  • Organize and manage LSS building materials production in line with HFHB objectives & according to demand, ensuring all schedules support project requirements.
  • Work with HFHB engineering team and partner organizations daily to continually identify and develop LSS design & building components and ideas.
  • Provide advice and technical support on safety within the Lab.
  • Improve quality, cost and production.
  • Identify and manage stock issues, workshop maintenance, equipment maintenance.
  • Provide theoretical and practical, on-the-job training to HFHB staff and local skilled workers.


  • Work closely with HFHB technical and community liaison teams to develop relevant building components and designs that are appropriate for the needs and different environments of both camp and host communities.
  • Coordinate activities with other local or international actors interested in learning and participating in the development, use and/or the promotion of LSS materials.
  • Work with local (RRRC) sand international coordination mechanisms (ISCG).

Program Management:

  • Participate in the arrangement of the workshop by providing recommendations and advice on the design and organization of the facility.
  • Identify and lead procurement process for materials, equipment and accessories.
  • Supervise and build capacities of HFHB staff and support HFHB in the design of a sustainable social enterprise.
  • Provide on-the-job training to HFHB staff and local labour.
  • Conduct all relevant materials tests including soils, lime, sands and pozzolans.
  • Prepare trial mixes to test for stability in water, wet and dry compressive strengths and permeability.
  • Facilitate materials laboratory and field testing, as applicable, of building products, and record and document all test results (materials & trial mixes).
  • Design and recommend mix proportions for a variety of building and site development components.
  • Supervise daily monitoring of quality control, project progress and implementation.

Human Resources:

  • Identify adequate staffing for identified activities (including quality control, field tests, quantities calculations (BoQ), materials preparation, health and safety, curing operations) ensuring an appropriate gender balance within the teams.
  • Provide capacity building to staff throughout workshop activities with specific trainings at appropriate stages.


  • Provide regular updates on progress to CXB Head of Office.
  • Provide input to, and/or prepare project progress and donor reports.
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of the country shelter & WASH operations through participation in strategy planning meetings and developing strategic documents.
  • Submit monthly progress reports to HFHB as outlined in the TOR.


  • In collaboration with HFHB, participate in the development of, and follow a communication plan with specific deliverables (e.g. user guide/illustrated manual, video, photographic catalogue, posters, images and key messages in support of social media HFHB promotion).
  • Participate in sector meetings to present and promote techniques, methodology, accessibility, results, lessons learnt and the potential of the materials.
  • Prepare and display safety rules at the workshop and ensure staff compliance with safety management and procedures.


  • Develop supply/procurement plans, quality assurance procedures and risk mitigation measures in coordination with HFHB logistics personnel for delivery to the workshop as per project planning and time lines.
  • Develop quality standards and sourcing of good materials and consistent supply, particularly for soil and lime.
  • Map supply chain and market distribution to establish efficient logistics.
  • Monitor safety and personal protective equipment (PPE) stocks and condition.
  • Advise and supervise stock management.
  • Advise and supervise on safe storage of all materials.


  • Degree or appropriate certification and/or proven experience in construction and materials development and in delivering training programmes in disaster resilient construction techniques.
  • Professional experience in developing design methodology and affordable & adapted construction materials for climate change adaptation and disaster mitigation.
  • Experience of working, developing and training in natural building technology.
  • Professional experience in developing construction materials based on LSS technology.
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience providing training of trainers in the relevant field.
  • Specialized LSS knowledge and experience on similar engagements conducted in the region/country, or in similar regions, situations or refugee camps.
  • Experience working in the Rohingya refugee context.
  • Professional experience working in the humanitarian sector (NGOs, UN…)
  • Very good level of English: speaking, understanding and writing.
  • Understanding and speaking the Rakhine language would be an asset
  • Demonstrated leadership and decision-making skills
  • High moral character with integrity and honesty.
  • Stewardship of resources, transparency and accountability.

Consultancy fee: Candidates are requested to mention their expected monthly consultancy fee in the Job Application Form.

Our organization is committed to promote equal opportunities for women and men from different caste, ethnic and religious backgrounds and encourages candidates of diverse backgrounds to apply for all our positions. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interview. Telephone enquiries or any form of persuasion will lead to disqualification.

How to apply

If you feel that your qualification and experience match with our requirements, and you share a commitment to Habitat’s values and vision, please download the HFHB’s Job Application Form and forward the accomplished document along with the CV and cover letter to until August 27, 2023. Please note the application form is required to be completed in full and that incomplete applications will not be considered. Women and minority candidates are especially encouraged to apply.

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