Myanmar Analyst

Position Title: Myanmar Analyst
Reference number: 240607
Position Location: Remote
Position LOE: Full Time OR Part Time/Day Rate Consultancy (depending on availability of project
Supervisor: Line Manager

Overview: This scope of work (SoW) outlines the Myanmar Analyst position for COAR Global Myanmar. The Myanmar Analyst will be expected to produce or contribute to the production of numerous deliverable streams and projects (as outlined below), with the support of the COAR Myanmar Team through an understanding of both the Myanmar context, the donor-funded humanitarian and development response in Myanmar, and demonstrated technical expertise in analysis, analytical writing, and research production.

● To partake in the data gathering and analysis on the Myanmar situation, using both primary local sources and secondary research of Myanmar and foreign media outlets;
● To draft and finalise project deliverables in a timely manner, including undertaking quantitative and qualitative data analysis, primary and secondary research, and high-quality reporting and analysis that focuses on the following topics: politics, governance, safety, economy, society, regional dynamics, and humanitarian/development dynamics and interventions;
● To conduct independent research and interviews for COAR products as needed, to include on thematic papers, situation updates, and areas assessments;
● To contribute to periodical products – such as weekly, biweekly, and monthly reports – as needed, providing updated insights and regularly drafting articles;
● To support COAR in all other potential project streams as needed.

The Myanmar Analyst will:
● Directly draft, produce, and finalise multiple types of analytical products as needed;
● Work with the COAR Myanmar team to distil and synthesise unstructured data to extract salient issues and topics;
● Actively track trends with regard to political, safety, economic, social, and humanitarian developments on the ground;
● Follow social media, traditional media, and other open-source outlets with validity, reliability, and granularity in mind;
● Priorities and map relevant data points, events, and developments in geographic space;
● Be available to provide thoughtful responses for information requests on specific issues, topics, or events. The Expert should expect requests for input (research and analysis) outside of normal working hours;
● Provide briefings to humanitarian stakeholders on a variety of contextual issues relevant to the response;
● Lead research design, oversee data collection, and draft longitudinal and thematic briefings and products, in addition to weekly reports;
● Work in a committed, professional manner with consistency, integrity, and confidentiality;
● Scan local and international news on a weekly basis to provide insights on most relevant events on the security and humanitarian sectors;
● Respond to queries in a timely manner;
● Work in a committed, professional manner with consistency, integrity, and confidentiality.

The Myanmar Analyst will:
● Contribute to the data gathering and drafting of COAR Myanmar analytical report products according to timely deadlines, and other products as needed;
● Support on other deliverables as needed;

Qualifications and Experience
The ideal candidate will have:
● Three to five years experience collecting and analysing qualitative and quantitative data for a research institution, think-tank, publication, or NGO. Experience in collection of sensitive primary information desirable;
● Demonstrated knowledge of the Myanmar context;
● Demonstrated understanding of donor-funded humanitarian and/or development systems;
● Demonstrated ability and/or willingness to work under tight deadlines, provide real-time data and analysis with accuracy under pressure.

Skills and competencies (non-exhaustive)
● Excellent knowledge of technology (laptop, smartphone, tablet);
● Good knowledge of Microsoft Office and/or the Google Suite;
● Ability to complete work at a high standard with tight deadlines;
● Ability to multitask and work on multiple projects simultaneously;
● Excellent knowledge and easy use of social media, news portals;
● Excellent knowledge of research methods, including non-traditional research methods;
● Strong English language skills;
● Ability to speak Burmese or other recognized local languages highly desirable.
Personal competencies
● Socially tolerant and open-minded, with strong people skills;
● A strong interest in current events, geopolitics, and local developments;
● High personal and professional integrity;
● Strong work ethic and desire to continuously improve;
● Self-aware and open to constructive criticism;
● Critical-thinker;
● Flexible and able to work autonomously;
● Takes responsibility and personal interest in their work;
● Able to assess personal and professional risks;

Code of conduct
The Myanmar Analyst is expected to:
● Work in a committed manner with consistency, integrity, and discretion;
● Maintain professional confidentiality and discretion over all subject matters and business and personnel;
● Treat all persons with respect and consideration regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, language, age or marital status.

How to apply

Applicants should submit their CV and Cover Letter to quoting the name of
the position and Reference Number in the subject line of the email.
Due to a high volume of received applications, only successful candidates will be contacted.
All applications will be treated in strict confidentiality.

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