National expert(s) in Public Health projects preparation (M/W)

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Mission description

The expert(s) in Public Health projects will

  • Prepare, with the support of international Public Health experts and specialists from the Greek Public Health system, specifications for projects in the domain of Public Health to be financed by the Resilience and Recovery Fund (RRF) for Greece (including a financial fiche and the estimation of the human resources needed for each of those projects).
  • Train other experts to prepare such specifications
  • Contribute to other activities as required

She/he will work in close relations for these activities for the Team Leader and collaborate with the experts involved in different subprojects and with Expertise France’s local team, with a special emphasis on the projects linked to the digitization of the Public Health system.

The mission should begin as soon as possible.

The expert will be mobilized maximum 60 days (pearled expertise).

Project or context description

On the eve of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Greek Ministry of Health introduced and the Greek Parliament approved law 4675/2020 for the Public Health System Reform. Among the provisions, the law highlights a strategy for Public Health, creates a National Action Plan on Public Health, introduces the basic principles of the National Public Health Programme “Spiros Doxiadis” and all the institutional and legal amendments to the existing Public Health System

The National Prevention Public Health Programme “Spiros Doxiadis” has been drafted and approved with an estimated budget of more than 658 million euros. It is a 5 years’ plan aiming at improving the health of the population with 4 strategic goals:

  1. Primary Prevention – Interventions and actions aimed at reducing the incidence of diseases, disabilities, or injuries and carried out before their occurrence.
  2. Secondary prevention – Interventions Early detection of existing but not clinically visible disease.
  3. Tertiary prevention – Interventions aimed at preventing disability, repairing damage, as well as preventing relapses from a clinically visible disease, and supporting individuals to face long-term and complex problems, as well as damage to their health with a view to improving their functional capacity, quality of life and survival.
  4. Functional modernization of the Public Health System.

The present action, “Technical Support of the Public Health Reform,” aims at supporting this 4th strategic goal by providing high-level international expertise for the decision-making on the allocation of resources from the Recovery and Resilience Program (75 million euros for the Public Health reform), with recommendations on the organization and efficiency of the Public health system.

The technical support includes 4 components:

  • Component 1: Technical support for improving health monitoring, surveillance, and rapid reaction to health threats.
  • Component 2: Technical support for improving the efficiency, and effectiveness of public health services.
  • Component 3: Digitizing Public Health
  • Component 4: Internationalization of the health system

This technical support is financed by the EU Commission (DG Reform) and its main beneficiaries are the Ministry of Health and supervised bodies, regional health authorities, local authorities. It will last 24 months.

The team is composed of the following experts:

  • International expert in public health surveillance
  • International expert in preparedness and rapid reaction to health threats
  • International expert in public health laboratories
  • International expert in organization and operations of public health services
  • International expert in the efficiency of organizations
  • International expert in the digitization of Public Health services
  • International expert in software tools and methods for remote Public Health services (such as e-health, e-inclusion, telemedicine, and homecare)
  • Expert on IT for Health services in Greece
  • International Expert on healthcare-associated infections
  • Expert team leader
  • Local coordinator
  • Ad-hoc short-term experts

The composition of the team may change during the project.

The working language for the project is English.

Required profile


  • A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least three years attested by a diploma in a field relevant to the activity (compulsory)
  • Native Greek (compulsory)
  • Excellent command of both written and spoken English(compulsory)
  • Diploma in the field of health or management would be considered an asset


  • Proven track record in or knowledge of the preparation and maturation of projects under the NSRF, RRF or equivalent EU programs (compulsory)
  • Knowledge of the Greek public health sector administration (compulsory)
  • Knowledge of public procurement in Greece (compulsory)
  • Experience in drafting “Requests for Proposals”, including ones under Greek law 4412/2016 on public procurement would be an asset
  • Track record of working for international projects and EU projects, preferably in the field of health, would be an asset.
  • Track record of working on IT projects would be an asset


  • Proven aptitude for consensus-building on complex matters
  • Proactive approach and outgoing personality.

Additional information

Selection criteria for applications

The selection process will be based on the following criteria:

  • Candidate’s skills related to the expertise mission.
  • Candidate’s experiences related to the expertise mission.
  • Training / diplomas of the candidate in connection with the expertise mission.

Additional information

  • Applications must be submitted directly on Expertise France’s website.
  • If you do not have a written confirmation from Expertise France within the three following weeks after the deadline, please consider that you have not been selected.
  • For further information, please contact and with “Public Health Reform Greece – Expert in Public Health projects preparation” as subject of the email.

Expertise France is an equal opportunities employer and encourages applications from all candidates who fulfill the eligibility and selection criteria without any distinction on grounds of age, race, political, philosophical, or religious conviction, gender, or sexual orientation and regardless of disabilities.

How to apply

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