Somalia Nutrition Cluster: Mass MUAC Screening Report, Galkacyo IDPS, Galmudug, Somalia

Preview of Galkacyo MMS(Mass MUAC Screening) Report- April 2024.pdf


The recently released Post Deyr IPC (Integrated Phase Classification) results for Galkacyo indicated a critical situation with a prevalence of 20.2%. The district faces several contributing factors that have led to high levels of Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM). These factors include conflicts, recurring droughts, water scarcity, limited healthcare facilities, high food prices, recent Deyr flooding, disease outbreaks, and displacements. Given the alarming prevalence of GAM, it was imperative to conduct a mass MUAC (Mid-Upper Arm Circumference) screening to identify and enroll all malnourished children and Pregnant and Lactating Women (PLWs) into the necessary nutrition programs. This screening will help assess the extent of program coverage and provide valuable insights and recommendations to strengthen nutrition programming in the district.

In Galkacyo district, nutrition stakeholders, supported by the Galmudug Ministry of Health (GMOH), collaborated effectively to ensure the successful implementation of the exercise. The stakeholders worked together to provide the necessary technical expertise and financial resources required for the campaign. The collaborative approach played a vital role in the screening exercise among Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the district, ensuring a comprehensive and coordinated response.

Findings revealed Proxy GAM prevalence by MUAC was at 14%; SAM 4% and MAM 10%, and coverage was low with 26% of children screen with SAM (MUAC < 11.5 cm or oedema) enrolled in the OTP program and 34.6% of children (MUAC < 12.5 & ≥ 11.5 cm) either recovering from SAM and still in OTP and those enrolled in MAM programs. The coverage is found to be low according to the sphere standards for IDP settings >90%. For PLW screened 8%(144) were found to be malnourished of which 26% were enrolled.

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