Special Education Need (SEN) Specialist, E

The SEN Educational Specialist, under the direction of Education Programme/ Inclusive education focal point and In complete coordination with H/EDC, will provide the following services:

•Provide assistance to school principals, school support teams and teachers to assess, screen, identify and support students with social/emotional, behavioral, physical, sensory and learning difficulties.

•Provide assistance to the schools to refer the detected cases to therapeutical consultations where needed.

•Contribute to implementation of UNRWA inclusive education policy, strategy and toolkit.


-Prepare a plan for monthly visits in all the schools In their assigned area.

-Support in the assessment of the teachers’ needs with regard to detection, management and referral of SEN children, and design and implement profession development training accordingly.

-Assist teachers to plan, differentiate, enrich, adapt and use a wide range of classroom material to support students with special needs.

-Coordinate with school counsellors, Education specialists and the health tutors in the areas to support SEN students.

-Support the teachers and the Learning Support Program team to prepare individual education plans (IEP) to differentiate appropriate activities for SEN pupils in relation to the curriculum.

-Coordinate with kindergartens for the early detection of SEN students who will enroll in grade 1.

-Coordinate with the social workers (RSS Department) to raise awareness and follow up the cases with parents

-Support the Education Program to coordinate with NGOs and specialists for diagnostic and therapeutic consultations needs.

-Disseminate good practice In SEN across schools.

– Collect information on the SEN students, on a monthly basis, on the database.

-Support in the tracking of the cases, and prepare reports on SEN children’s progress.

-Carry other duties when deemed necessary by the Education Program.

How to apply

Please find below the link to a video that guides applicants on how to apply to Job Openings that approach you for guidance: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MH-IYA6Y8kxA1fgao5qyTV8VwNajgx4u/view? usp=sharing

For more details on UNRWA, please visit: https://www.unrwa.org/

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