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Established in Cambodia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, Passerelles numériques currently trains around 500 students and employs around 100 people based in these three countries including a small team in France. A new training program opened in 2022 in Madagascar.

Passerelles numériques relies on the financial and skills sponsorship of several corporate partners and family foundations, and also receives support from individual donors.



Since 2019, the PN association has been reflecting on its context, model, and impact to improve strongly and critically its relevance, sustainability, and visibility.

Indeed, the world of work undergoes tremendous changes at an always quicker pace. Changes are mainly due to the fast progressing digitalization of economies that will affect the entire global workforce, but above all disadvantaged young people and populations, including (young) women. They will be at great risk of professional displacement and unemployment as jobs of the future will likely look very different and new skills to work and to stay relevant will be needed.

As a consequence, PN is undergoing an in-depth transformation in order to review organization, develop solutions, expand reach, enhance operational capacity and become an innovative player for inclusive technology in a digitalized economy.

Also, to serve those objectives, PN is transitioning progressively in 2020 and starts to reshape operations, organization, and required skills.

In 2021, for contextual reasons (external and internal), PN had to reorganize itself and adopt a new strategy of collective leadership, spread among the managers and different locations. This has pushed a lot of leaders to emerge and assume bigger responsibilities. However, a need for a sense of cohesion, alignment, and shared vision has arisen, carried by one leader. Therefore, PN needs to adapt its current organizational structure to be able to successfully transform itself and pursue its development to ensure our social mission.


Reporting to the Board, the Strategy and Operations Manager will be in charge of the following responsibilities:

  • Planning*
    Oversee and directs the PN global strategic directions by:
  • translating into operational variables all plans of action in collaboration with the Country representatives, and Innovation Manager and M&E Manager;
  • aligning all variables towards the achievement of the strategic goals;
  • integrating all strategic actions into one unified plan of action for the entire PN Global community.
  • work directly with Finance Manager and Global Com and Fundraising Manager to plan and align the global strategy.*Risk management*
  • Evaluating potential risks and establishing short – long term plans to mitigate identified risks;
  • Ensuring that disaster, risk reduction, pandemic, and peace issues are addressed under the risk management program of each center, CODIR (country representatives, innovation manager, M&E manager, finance manager), and the Board (president, treasurer, secretary).*Performance management*
  • Support the development of key performance indicators (KPI) to forecast and analyze operational performance
  • Management and evaluation of the performance of all the top managers of all operational teams (country representatives, innovation, and M&E managers)


  • Support and follow up on all the top managers to help them implement the plan and meet their goals in a coaching management style: respecting their autonomy and expertise, adapting to each context, empowering them to always improve and generate a greater impact so PN becomes a strong collective leadership’s organization.

Strategic programs development and planning

  • Propose a Global Strategy aligned to the innovation and development strategy and secure approval thereof from concerned stakeholders;
  • Support the stakeholders to define their own strategies which are aligned to the Global Strategy;
  • Ensure that the underlying missions in the Global Strategy are contextualized for implementation at the local level;
  • Support the country representatives, innovation manager, and M&E manager in assessing local trends in relation to youth employability and performing training needs analyses aligned to the PN’s vision and mission.
  • Contribute to strategic and operational governance, as such, coordinate the CODIR, monitor the development and implementation of the new governance set-up; decide on appropriate and efficient tools and standard operating procedures that are aligned for global use.
  • Report to the Board and organizational decision making within the CODIR, and with the Board when necessary

Knowledge Management

  • Ensure and organize the capacity for PN to maintain strong awareness and accurate knowledge regarding PN’s field of action (Social challenges, development level, employability stakes, business ecosystem,…)
  • Introduce best practices to enhance operational performances
  • Lead and manage the process of developing, capturing, and disseminating lessons learned to build internal and external capacity and contribute to PN knowledge management efforts
  • in collaboration with the M&E Manager, create a comprehensive data management system that will capture credible information that will be used to define future strategic directions.



Masters degree or equivalent in a relevant development or social-science related discipline (Education, Training, Economics, Management, International Solidarity, Strategy…).


At least 10 years of demonstrated Experience in one or several following field(s):

  • Team management, project management and strategy implementation
  • Vocational (TVET) programs for Youth Employability and/or international digital inclusiveness programs
  • Social Purpose Organizations (NGOs, Social Businesses, Social Entrepreneurship)
  • Relationships buildings, partnerships design (Corporate, Institutions,…) and resource mobilization
  • International solidarity organization


  • Happy to work in a multiple-cultures environment and work through it as an opportunity to be stronger!
  • Commitment and passion for Tech-inclusive programs and/or Education for underprivileged Youth
  • A catalyst of innovation, creativity, pioneer vision, risk-taker, solution-oriented. A real sense of bringing teams together, motivational and aspirational talks, enabler of great collaboration among international teams. Respect individuality, and autonomy of each manager, but is able to bring them towards a unique vision and strategy!
  • Able to organize clear decision-making among top managers, also able to take decisions when necessary.
  • A social entrepreneurship believer: how can we bring our efforts towards a more hybrid financial system?
  • Strong negotiation, advocacy, and interpersonal skills
  • An enthusiast of digital tools: slack, google suite, Microsoft office… suggesting new tools would be a plus!
  • Open to new ways of doing the job! A young spirit, excited to invent, share and trigger innovative ways to generate impact internally and externally!
  • Not afraid of getting hands-on 🙂
  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • French language is a great plus !


For this role and travel reasons, the best locations would be in one of our operational countries: Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Vietnam (Danang), Philippines (Cébu city), Madagascar (Antananarivo).

For exceptional reasons, we can consider this role’s location in our support centers: Paris and Lisboa.

The contract will preferably be a 2-years-VSI (with unlimited renewal). Compensation will be based on profile, experience, and location.


How to apply


To apply, please send your CV and cover letter in English at, stating “Application Strategy and operations manager ” in the subject.

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