TBC Executive Director

The Executive Director will be:
– An outstanding humanitarian leader committed to, and capable of, both promoting TBC’s commitment to innovative, community-based approaches and local partnerships while providing vision and leadership at the strategy/policy level when working with governments, donors, UN agencies, non-state actors, NGOs, and CBOs within a complex and volatile operating environment.
– Highly passionate about addressing the needs of refugees, with the ability to influence partner organizations to provide refugee-focused aid.
– Leading in advocacy efforts with all stakeholders while developing a varied donor support base to support TBC’s evolving role in responding to displacement from and within Myanmar.
– Providing oversight to the Senior Management Team (SMT) in their day-to-day management of TBC’s programmes and organisational development, while ensuring its financial sustainability and relevancy for the future.

Advocacy & Representation
– Develop TBC policy positions in consultations with the Board and Program Directors, and lead TBC advocacy with government authorities, diplomatic missions, and other key stakeholders to ensure equitable access to assistance, protection and durable solutions for conflict and displacement-affected populations in Thailand and Southeast Myanmar.
– Act as a spokesperson for the organization, sharing this duty with others, including those with lived experience of displacement, as appropriate. Actively participate in national and regional fora and networks and lead where TBC can influence key stakeholders.
– Assume a leadership role in coordinating and representing counterpart NGOs when necessary and serve as a liaison with
high-level Thai authorities, to create successful partnerships which can help the Burmese refugees.
– Develop and advance TBC’s national and regional reputation as a key provider of innovative services and protections to Burmese refugees, and a trusted and respected voice in advancing the rights of Burmese displaced people through evidence-based policy and other engagements.
– Provide up-to-date information and analysis on the political and humanitarian context in southeast Myanmar and Thailand/Myanmar border to relevant stakeholders.
– Develop, implement, and review TBC’s advocacy strategy, in consultation with the Board, SMT and members. Foster partnerships and relationships to advance the rights of Burmese displaced people

Resource Mobilization
– Work with the Board, TBC members, staff, and donors to secure varied, flexible and reliable funding for programmes and operations.
– Advance the donor community’s knowledge and understanding of displacement within and from Myanmar and TBC’s key role in developing programmatic and policy responses to it.
– Develop and steward relationships with current and prospective funders and donors.
– Advance TBC’s reputation and influence with funders and donors.
– Research new funding sources and develop and implement plans to cultivate these opportunities.
– Ensure that TBC has strong staff and systems for development of funding and assist staff to achieve the organization’s fundraising goals.

Operational / Programme Planning & Management
– Oversee the operational planning, implementation and evaluation of the TBC’s programmes and services.
– Support and supervise the members of the SMT to ensure efficient and effective day-to-day operations and chair regular SMT meetings to ensure a cohesive and collaborative approach to operational and programme planning and management.
– Oversee updates of TBC Policy and Procedures on an annual basis and ensure revisions as required to promote accountability, inclusivity, and transparency amongst staff.
– Ensure organisational policies are regularly reviewed and updated so that they remain relevant and in active use.
– Provide secretariat support to the Board for meetings and governance of the organisation.
– Promote a positive, healthy, and safe work environment, ensure staff well-being, and ensure staff have appropriate orientation, training, mentoring and professional development opportunities.
– Work with the Finance department, SMT and the Board to prepare annual budgets.
– Approve expenditures within the authority delegated by the Board.
– Oversee the organization’s fund management according to the approved budget and monitor monthly cash flow.
– Ensure that TBC and the Board carries appropriate and adequate insurance coverage

Essential experience
– Senior leadership experience (governance, management and organisational development), especially with strategic leadership and vision in turbulent operating contexts.
– 10+ years of relevant humanitarian/development experience, including several years’ experience in senior management or leadership roles.
– Proven leadership experience in knitting together diverse stakeholders (NGO’s, local government and beneficiaries) to solve issues within complex geopolitical environments.
– Demonstrated capacities in humanitarian advocacy responding to complex emergencies and protracted displacement, and in growing the influence-effectiveness of an organization.
– Ability to interact with people from all walks of life, ranging from refugees, local government officials, international NGO staff and donors.
– Demonstrated capacities in resource mobilisation/fundraising from donors and in developing new sources of funding.
– Commitment to localisation, accountability to affected populations, community-based approaches and demonstrated experience in localised ways of working.

Desired experience
– Knowledge, networks and experience working with the Royal Thai Government.
– Knowledge, networks or experience working with the dynamics of protracted conflict in Myanmar.

How to apply

Interested should send a technical and financial proposal, resume/CV including 3 references, and a cover letter explaining one’s suitability no later than November 2023 to TBC_ED@odgersberndtson.com

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