Thailand, Storms and Strong Winds in Northern and Northeastern Regions (14 Apr 2024)

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Tak, Thailand

Event Date : Sun, 14 Apr 2024

AHADID : AHA-ST-2024-000549-THA | GLIDE Number :

Impact Update Date : Tue, 16 Apr 2024 06:00:00


Ban Tak, K. Wiang Nong Long, Khao Kho, Lom Kao, Mae Ramat, Mae Sot, Muang Tak, Na Haeo, Na Noi, Phop Phra, Sam Ngao


From the low air pressure situation due to heat covering upper Thailand causing Thailand to have hot to very hot weather with haze during the day. while the south wind and southeast wind blowing moisture from the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea to cover the lower northeastern and lower central regions and the eastern region causing a storm situation.

Phrae: Ban Ruean – 12 households
Nan: Na Noi – 74 households
Phetchabun: Khao Kho Lom Kao – 8 households
Tak: Ban Trak, Sam Ngao, Phop Phra, Mae Ramat, Mae Sot, Mueang – 4 households
Loei: Na Haeo – 16 households, 1 school
Lamphun: Wiang Nong Long – 256

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