Youth Employment counselor (Saida, North Lebanon and Lebanon Field Office)

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A) Outreaching and polarization of youth
Aiming to introduce KFW Cash-for-Work youth employment project and encourage new
applications incumbent will be asked to:
1. Conduct regular field visits to camps and gatherings;
2. Attend universities and educational institutions job fairs;
3. Maintain working relationships with UNRWA education institutes including Sibline
training centre and high schools.
(B) Delivery of career counseling services and life skills sessions
1. Deliver individual capacity assessment to registered job seekers to understand their
profiles, their professional objectives and to identify their skills gaps; ensures that all needed
data and information are inserted processed with the data entry to ESC platform;
2. Deliver customized individual career counseling session based on the needs assessment and
develop a follow up career plan with the youth;
3. Based on the capacity assessment, refer the youth to relevant life skills, skills and or VT
courses aiming to improve their employability;
4. Deliver intensive employability sessions for pre-screened youth before the referral to job
5. Delivery of intensive employability TOT to youth peers trainers;
6. Follow-up and supervise the delivery of intensive employability sessions conducted by
youth peer trainers;
7. Provide advanced individual career counseling sessions for youth facing difficulties in
finding a job after regular counseling session;
8. Participate in the career counseling update and improvements workshops and provide
feedback on the tools in use;
9. Support in customizing career counseling tools based on the needs and qualifications of the
target group;
10. Prepare the induction sessions agenda and ensure the participation of all concerned
11. Prepare the needed supporting documents and legal agreements for recruited youth;
12. Delivery of life in the workplace session for recruited youth.
(C) Follow-up with recruited youth and processing payments
1. Conduct regular follow-up phone calls with the youth to check work status and
2. Conduct regular spot-check visits to youth’s duty station;
3. Follow-up the filling of entrance and exit surveys;
4. Review youth’s appraisals and provide a feedback to both youth and employer;
5. Confirm the attendance sheets of the youth and update youth application on ESC platform;
6. Raise the request of ATM cards creation and payment processing request.
(D) Data entry of youth applications and update of youth directories
1. Registration and update of youth applications on ESC platform;
2. Registration of referrals and youth’s work status on ESC platform and OneDrive sheets;
3. Registration of recruited youth on ESC platform and OneDrive sheets;
4. Regular update of youth applications confirming updates conducted by the youth on ESC
5. Contribute to Youth innovation and employment hub monthly report by adding career
counseling section.
(E) Perform other tasks and duties as may be assigned

How to apply

Please find below the link to a video that guides applicants on how to apply to Job Openings
that approach you for guidance:

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