Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning – Technical Consultant (Open Call)

Assignment LOE: anticipated at 10-40 days per assignment.

Assignment Location: Remote / in-country (see below list)

Potential countries of focus for proposals include: Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Egypt, Zambia and Vietnam.


Venture37 is seeking consultants – with practical experience in leading monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) design in proposal development. Consultants will provide as-needed services to support Venture37’s new business team in executing well-designed, competitive proposals in such countries as Mozambique, Madagascar, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Egypt, Zambia and Vietnam.

The MEL Technical Consultant should bring knowledge and experience in leading theory of change development for proposals with diverse stakeholders, and setting up MEL plans, including indicator selection, target setting with technical input, and developing MEL methodology. Experience in leading MEL on proposals for agriculture projects is essential.

Illustrative Activities

  • The consultant will conduct background reading on the relevant problems in the proposal topic area, facilitate a problem tree with proposal technical advisors and other stakeholders, and complete a draft and final theory of change that incorporates feedback from technical advisors. The facilitation could happen remotely or in person at a Venture37 office in the United States or in the proposal country.
  • For proposals where a final results framework is not provided such as USDA, the consultant will propose a results framework that meets donor requirements to be included in the proposal.
  • The consultant will write a Theory of change narrative based on the requirements of the proposal. For some proposals this will be 1-2 paragraphs to include in the proposal body, for others it will be a separate 3-5 page document that includes citations to prove the linkages are valid.
  • Based on the theory of change, the consultant will identify key indicators according to donor requirements to best measure the results the proposed project intends to achieve.
  • The consultant will develop and articulate the methodology for collecting, analyzing and reporting on key metrics in a MEL plan according to donor requirements. These plans can range from 1/2 page to 15 pages depending on the donor.
  • The consultant will conduct desk research on the current status of indicators values in the target location with the target participants and facilitate a series of discussions with the technical advisors to set targets. The consultant should develop an indicator model that defines assumptions that underly the targets.

Illustrative Deliverables:

  • Meet core proposal development team, agree on frequency and methodology of communication, receive access to key capture documents, and background resources.
  • Will be conducted over several consecutive days, approximately 6 hours/day. Likely morning (CST)/afternoon. Design sessions to begin approximately one week after NOFO release. The consultant will lead the problem tree and theory of change sessions.
  • Depictions of the problem tree, theory of change, and results framework (if applicable) in appropriate programs such as Visio, Word or Powerpoint.
  • List of indicators, targets and other information as requested by the donor.
  • Back-up analysis that depicts how the indicator targets are calculated and the assumptions used.
  • Description of the methodology to be employed to collect, analysis, report on the indicators as defined by the donor.
  • List of appropriate costs for MEL activities.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as economics, statistics or monitoring and evaluation.
  • Minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience serving as the MEL lead on proposals.
  • Demonstrated experience facilitating theory of change developments.
  • Experience developing MEL Plans in US government proposals as a core proposal team member.
  • Experience as a MEL lead for at least one agricultural project proposal, focusing on impact for small scale producers.
  • Highly developed conceptual, analytical and innovative problem-solving ability.
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate, be flexible, and creative and successfully lead an intercultural team in complex development contexts.
  • Excellent interpersonal and written and oral presentation skills.
  • Fluency in oral and written English is required.

Preferred Experience/Knowledge:

  • Masters Degree relevant field such as economics, statistics or monitoring and evaluation.
  • Fluency in French, Arabic or Portuguese.

How to apply

Apply through Land O’Lakes Venture37’s website

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