National Consultant on Capacity Development for Executive Unit for IDP Camp Management

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Overview of position

Yemen is one of the 17 focus countries selected by the SG’s Special Advisor on solutions to internal displacement where change management as dictated by the SG’s HLP report & action agenda will be rolled out. Under this background, Yemen has also successfully developed a Joint our client – IOM – UNHCR – FAO project proposal under the Internal Displacement Solutions Fund (IDSF) aimed at supporting strategic, collaborave & coherent engagement of UNCTs through joint programs led by RCs & implemented by participating entities at the country level. Our client in Yemen both serves as administrative agent & substantive co lead of the project, besides UNHCR Yemen.This Yemen IDSF proposal is envisaged to be implemented from April 2024 – July 2025, with the main focus on supporting national & local authorities to design & implement area based, locally tailored, development oriented durable solutions to displacement that will support progress towards the SDGs for IDPs & their host communities by focusing on three results, which should induce systemic change namely:

  • Developing joint assessments of the situations, needs & solutions preferences of IDPs & host communities that give a voice to IDPs in defining & implementing their own solutions, while building the capacity of local government to shape innovative investment & measure progress towards durable solutions.
  • Supporting national & local authorities’ efforts to facilitate the integration of IDPs into public systems & services, based on integrated policy innovation, legal reform & institutional change.
  • Testing innovative measures to amplify locally tailored, needs based development solutions to displacement in pilot locations in Aden, Ma’rib & Ta’iz, drawing lessons for eventual scaling up.

Role objectives

This assignment aims, in alignment with our clients activities under output 2 of the Yemen IDSF proposal, to provide institutional support to IRG national government authorities working on displacement in Aden, namely the Executive Unit for IDP camp management (ExU) with a focus on sustainability, collaborative capacities & service delivery. To this end, the scope of the assignment is to support ExU by building its institutional & technical capacities. Institutional support will help the ExU to institutionalize itself & strengthen its performance, stability & adaptability. This phase will be followed by systematic technical capacity building sessions to enhance their capacities towards more national ownership on achieving durable solutions towards protracted displacement in Yemen. The selected consultant is expected to deliver at a minimum the below:

Conduct an institutional assessment of ExU & develop a plan for improvement:

  • Understand the ExU’s current institutional structure, management systems, financial systems & capacity to deliver its programs & services.
  • Assess ExU’s performance, including its impact on its beneficiaries, its efficiency in using resources & its adherence to its mission & values.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement in the ExU’s institutional capacity, performance & efficiency.
  • Develop a plan for improvement that is tailored to the ExU’s specific needs & constraints.

Assist ExU in developing its profile & strategic plan in English & Arabic:

  • Work with ExU to develop a clear & concise profile of the forum, its mission, vision & goals.
  • Help ExU to develop a strategic plan that outlines strategies for achieving its mission / vision / goals.
  • Ensure that the profile & strategic plan are well written & available in English & Arabic.


  • Deliverable: A report that identifies ExUs strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats as well as a plan for improvement that is tailored to ExUs specific needs & constraints.

    Deadline for delivery: 15th June 2024

    Payment for deliverable (USD): USD 1,620

  • Deliverable: A presentation to ExU on the findings of the assessment & the proposed improvement plan.

    Deadline for delivery: 30th June 2024

    Payment for deliverable (USD): USD 1,620

  • Deliverable: A clear & concise profile of ExU, its mission, vision & goals, in both English & Arabic.

    Deadline for delivery: 15th July 2024

    Payment for deliverable (USD): USD 1,620

  • Deliverable: A strategic plan that outlines the ExUs goals, objectives & strategies for achieving them, in both English & Arabic.

    Deadline for delivery: 30th July 2024

    Payment for deliverable (USD): USD 1,620

  • Deliverable: A workshop with ExU & staff to review & finalize the profile & strategic plan

    Deadline for delivery: 15th August 2024

    Payment for deliverable (USD): USD 1,620

  • Deliverable: A final comprehensive report about the entire assignment that includes recommendations & lessons learned

    Deadline for delivery: 30th August 2024

    Payment for deliverable (USD): USD 900

  • Total: USD 9,000

Project reporting

  • The consultant(s) will be requested to provide regular reports to both ExU & our client to monitor the progress of the assignment & for ensuring satisfaction with the services being provided.

Key competencies

  • Bachelors degree in a relevant discipline is required, a masters degree is desired with 7 years of professional experience in conducting institutional assessments & developing improvement plans.
  • Prior & relevant work experience in Aden with possible travel to other governorates is required for this role..
  • Must be fluent in both English & Arabic.
  • Knowledge of best practices in institutional governance, management & financial management.
  • Ability to train & mentor staff on institutional policies & procedures.
  • Experience in developing organizational profiles & strategic plans.
  • Understanding of the needs & challenges of IRG authorities in Yemen.
  • Familiarity with computers and MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point).
  • Ability to work under pressure & to meet deadlines.
  • Demonstrates excellent oral & written communication skills.
  • Demonstrates openness to change & ability to manage complexities.
  • Self reliant & able to work as a part of a multicultural team in a stressful environment.
  • Demonstrating / safeguarding ethics & integrity.
  • Demonstrate corporate knowledge & sound judgment.
  • Self development, initiative taking.
  • Facilitating teamwork.
  • Facilitating & encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively.
  • Learning & sharing knowledge & encourage the learning of others.
  • Promoting learning & knowledge management / sharing is the responsibility of each staff member.
  • Demonstrates integrity by modelling the UN’s values & ethical standards.
  • Promotes the vision, mission & strategic goals of our client.
  • Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality & age sensitivity & adaptability.
  • Ability to work with a multicultural & diverse team.

Team management

  • This role has no team management responsibility.

Further information

  • Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.

How to apply

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