Practical Nurse (Beqaa and CLA)

Closing date:

Performs nursing activities required for child care, pre-conception care, antenatal care, postnatal
care, diabetic and hypertensive cases including screening and health education activities;
Carries out nursing tasks related to school health activities including vaccination, height and
weight measurement, vision and hearing screening where applicable;
Conducts home-visits for growth retarded, anemic, defaulting bedridden/disabled patients;
Keeps adequate recording of received and used supplies needed for the nursing activities in
her/his assigned working station;
Maintains a high standard of infection control to ensure safety of staff and clients;
Complies with all relevant safety, quality, health and environmental procedures to ensure a
healthy and safe work environment;
Provides services through the electronic medical records system (E-Health), including data
entry and proper recording;
Performs such other duties as may be required.

How to apply

Please find below the link to a video that guides applicants on how to apply to Job Openings
that approach you for guidance:

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