Prosthetic Limbs Technician – Syria

Position: Prosthetic Limbs Technician
Location: The National Syrian project for prosthetic limbs – Syria – Al bab center
Closing date: 03-September -2023

About NSPPL :
The National Syrian Project for prosthetic limbs has been established in Feb 2013 by a group of Syrian doctors overseas to help the people whose parts have been imputed as a result of the Syrian war and provide them with prosthetic parts and the appropriate rehabilitation and NSPPL is a non-profit organization which serves people in Syria and Turkey.

1-Position Responsibilities and Duties:
First: assessing, measuring, Casting, and prescribing all the following cases:

  1. Upper and lower amputations.
  2. Paralysis of the lower and upper extremities
  3. Spinal orthoses

Second: producing the prostheses and the orthoses for the described above for all their stages

  1. assessing
  2. Measuring and casting
  3. Rectification
  4. First Thermoforming (Test)
  5. Second Thermoforming (Final)
  6. Alignment (Final)
  7. Cosmetic Finishing
  8. Training on the Gait Cycle
  9. discharging Prostheses and orthoses (AFO, KAFO, and INSOL)

Third: Maintenance and repairing all the previous orthoses and Prostheses

2-Ethics and professional practice show:

  • Respect the privacy of the beneficiary.
  • Always interact with children with the presence of their parents or caregivers
  • Discussed the needs and demands in a professional manner.
  • Report any event or action that would harm the beneficiary or others.
  • Always ask permission to touch one in any treatment or maneuver.
  • Always show respect to the other party with regard to refusing treatment.
  • Demonstrate competence to conduct an effective rehabilitation intervention.
  • Showing that it is willing to increase their ability to enhance the professional competence and quality of care
  • Report any need to your department manager to improve/improve your skills and knowledge.
  • Participate in training sessions and other types of capacity-building activities,
  • Participating in different events common to all team members (team meetings, case management meetings)
  • Customs or requests to adapt to department management (reporting, etc.)

3-Qualifications & requirements:

  • Diploma or university degree in the field of prosthetics + 3 years of experience
  • Or At least 5 years of experience in the field of prosthetics
  • Ability to communicate in both Arabic and English is a preference.

How to apply

If you are interested apply for this position by clicking on the apply now button and filling out the application form with the updated CV.

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