Videos Production for the Expertise France Projects in Northeast Syria


Expertise France

Expertise France is a public agency part of the AFD Group, merging six agencies under the supervision of the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy and Finance with a strong inter-ministerial vocation. EF offers programme engineering and technical assistance by developing and implementing international cooperation actions worldwide. EF operates in various development and institutional cooperation fields, including safety and security reform, post-crisis/stability, public health, human rights, strengthening of institutions and NGOs, and governance. Expertise France designs and implements projects which aim to contribute to the balanced development of partner countries, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda and the priorities of France’s external action.


Syrian conflict

The Syrian conflict is having a devastating and lasting impact on Syria and across the region. With the conflict almost entering its eleven-year, the needs of the affected populations for assistance, including. 13.1 million people inside the country and more than 5.6 million refugees plus their overstretched host communities in neighboring countries, are of an unprecedented scale. In 2013, the Syria crisis transformed itself from a humanitarian emergency to a multidimensional and protracted crisis directly affecting several countries in the region – mainly Lebanon and Jordan, but also Iraq, Turkey, and Egypt – whose social and economic capacity to deal with the ever-growing influx of refugees is all but exhausted. All actors involved in the crisis response agree that this massive challenge requires a comprehensive regional response, not only humanitarian aid but also longer-term structural support to host countries and communities, especially as no political solution to the crisis is in sight in the short term. Many communities inside Syria face disrupted humanitarian support and quickly deteriorating public services and infrastructure, including the communities of northeast Syria.


Expertise France has been engaged in northeast Syria since the defeat of ISIS with an aim to support the transition to stability. EF stabilization efforts pursue backing the third pillar of France’s stabilization approach that involves improving access to essential services and stimulating economic recovery and livelihoods. Supported by the French Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs (French MoEFA), Expertise France implements two projects in Northeast Syria. The projects aim at contributing to stabilization efforts toward sustainable development through Health, Rehabilitation of public infrastructure, food security and livelihoods, and strengthening local capacity interventions.


The purpose of the assignment is to create awareness and ensure visibility of EF’s projects in NES through the production of videoclips. The targeted audience are external stakeholders and larger public to which the main achievements of the projects need to be disseminated. In order to reach that objective, EF would like to commission the production of videos demonstrating the two projects’ activities and their impact on the targeted communities.


The contractor will be contracted for the period of six months. The contractor should be able to produce short videos on a regular basis (one or two videos per month). This is to boost communication activities and dissemination of the projects main achievement in NES . Thus, the contractor must have physical access to northeast Syria locations (Al Hassakah, Ar Raqqa, and Deir ez-Zor). The contractor should be able to work independently without logistic support from Expertise France, and will be in charge of its own safety. However, EF and its partners help the consultant in facilitating the interviews and accessing to project sites and projects stakeholders and beneficiaries. ExpectedDeliverables: • Three short videos (30 to 45 seconds per each) and 40 to 50 high quality pictures; showing the outcome of the project activities under health project. Videos should be subtitled, storytelling and message delivery. • Three short videos (30 to 45 seconds each) and 20 to 30 high quality pictures; showing the outcome of the project activities under Food Security and Livelihood project. Videos should be subtitled, storytelling and message delivery. • Two videos (90 to 120 seconds each) for each project, including the project main achievements, components, and locations, supported by storytelling and icons. Videos can contain some visual animations in their design.

Please visit the following link to access the full terms of reference (ToR):!At7D7EJJNlSIm3hgevvAyEeoiagr?e=L4AjgJ

How to apply

The application should be submitted in English before the 22nd of May 2023 to with clear indication of the call for proposal title in the email subject. The financial proposition should cover all the costs including management fees, transportation costs, travels, per diems, venues for workshops… etc.).

For further details regarding the application process, kindly refer to the following link, which contains the complete application documents:!At7D7EJJNlSIm3hgevvAyEeoiagr?e=L4AjgJ

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