Viet Nam, Flooding and Landslides in Dak Nong (17 Aug 2023)

Đắk Nông, Viet Nam

Event Date : Thu, 17 Aug 2023

AHADID : AHA-FL-2023-000723-VNM | GLIDE Number :

Impact Update Date : Thu, 17 Aug 2023 13:09:22


Đắk Nông


Accordingly, from July 28 to August 18, 2023, in Dak Nong province, heavy rain continuously appeared, leading to high water levels in rivers, streams, lakes and dams, causing flooding. locally in many residential areas. In particular, in many areas, subsidence and landslides occurred, affecting and damaging houses, properties, crops and infrastructure.

Specifically, during the flood, subsidence, landslide, Dak Nong province had 275 houses affected, the total value of damage was about 78.1 billion VND; 704ha of crops, 234ha of aquaculture, 1,014 cattle and poultry flooded, total loss of 124 billion VND. Floods have affected many transport infrastructure works, irrigation, schools, damage about 843.9 billion dong…

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