Programme Director

Position Title: Programme Director

Duration: 3 months

Overall Job Purpose

The Programme Director will oversee our current emergency distribution of medical supplies, drugs and equipment to hospitals and health facilities in Ukraine in coordination with in-country health authorities, INGO partners, and donor requirements.

Reporting to HQ Programme Manager & Grants Manager

The main responsibilities of this post include the following:

Security Management

  • Ensure effective networking and in depth and regular information collection and analysis on the security situation in the country.
  • Organises for regular security updates.
  • Provide security updates to MENTOR HQ on a regular basis.
  • Oversee that security related logistical support for the operations is adequate and functional.
  • Directly responsible for regularly update clear and pragmatic security guidelines for the MENTOR mission in Ukraine.
  • Ensure the strict respect of general security rules by all MENTOR team members.
  • Ensure solid and extensive security briefing of new expatriate team members upon arrival in the MENTOR mission.

Programme Management

  • Routinely (monthly) monitoring of program implementation in the field understanding, reporting and sorting out key bottlenecks for program implementation.
  • Ensure effective liaising between MENTOR and Ukrainian Health Authorities to identify priority medical needs and priority targeted health facilities for support.
  • Ensure monthly and quarterly MENTOR report writing highlighting major achievements, gaps and challenges in program implementation.
  • Ensure the on-time submission of programmatic donor reports to HQ for revision prior submission.


  • Responsible for the overall running of in-country medical supply chain logistics, ensuring that medical supplies are transported, stored, and onward distributed in at pace and in accordance with best practice and regulatory standards.
  • Oversee that timely international and local procurement is carried out as per budgets available and in line with programme needs.
  • Oversee an appropriate stock management of assets, medical supplies, medical equipment, drugs, etc.
  • Ensure access to the required fleet of vehicles for programme outputs to be achieved and in line with MENTORs security standards.

Financial / administrative Management

Overseeing the MENTOR in country finance and in close collaboration with MENTOR HQ Grants Manager, responsible to the organization for the financial integrity of the programme by ensuring financial resources are cost-effectively utilized to implement activities in accordance with budget available and as per MENTOR standard procedures:

  • Ensure solid and appropriate security precautions in regards to cash management in the MENTOR mission.
  • Directly responsible for the regular update of budget tracking for all grants supporting MENTOR activities in Ukraine.
  • Oversee that monthly finance documents (reports on expenditures, requests for cash, payrolls, budget plans etc) are submitted to the GM at HQ level within the required time frame.
  • Oversee that hard copies of expenditure justifications are adequate and in line with MENTOR standard requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with all local government taxation and labour regulations.
  • Responsible for the finalisation and endorsement of mission related official documentation (Memoranda of Understanding, legal contracts, agreements etc.)

Representation and Donor Relations

As the main MENTOR representative in country and in close collaboration with HQ Program Manager:

  • Maintain close relations with current and future donors setting up regular follow up visits and meetings.
  • Ensure on time reporting to donors of programmatic reports and essential information required.
  • Attend relevant meetings and events in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk and in MENTOR base locations to obtain key contextual and useful information for MENTOR operations
  • Follow up new funding opportunities that are aligned with MENTOR strategy for Ukraine programs

Human Resource Management

  • Direct line management of the Medical Logistics Officer and Senior Programme Officer in Ukraine as per the organogram while ensuring their effective management of programme and operational support staff.
  • Directly responsible for an in-country general briefing to new expatriate team members upon their arrival to the mission as well as for debriefing sessions for each expat team member at the end of their contract.
  • Oversee and approve the recruitment of all local team members in accordance with national labour law.
  • In close collaboration with the HQ Grants Manager and Senior Programme Officer, review the internal regulations and policies for MENTOR team members in accordance with national labour law.
  • Ensure that national contract formats, per diem policies etc are adhered to consistently.
  • Coordinate weekly and ad hoc general team meetings as well as senior programme management team meetings to ensure that the team works harmoniously to meet the needs of the programme.
  • Directly responsible for overall adherence to code of conduct and immediate reporting to HQ on violations of the code.


  • Internal:

o Ensure clear and regular communication between Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk (and other potential bases).

o Organise regular management team meetings for all coordinators in the mission

o Responsible for the elaboration of regular internal situation reports

o Carry out regular verbal briefings with HQ (PM and GM) as required.

  • External:

o Ensure MENTOR participation in all appropriate external meetings.

o Ensure a transparent and efficient exchange of data, context reports etc with relevant stakeholders.

o Provide support during agreed media related field visits.

As The MENTOR Initiative is working in a constantly changing humanitarian aid environment, reasonable specific work duties may occasionally be requested that may not fit into the above job description, but which will help promote over all programs goals and aims. Includes the possibility of transfer to another similar post across MENTOR country programmes within the period of this contract agreement.

Job requirements

  • At least 2 years field experience as base coordinator or similar position
  • Familiarity with NGO working environments and standard procedures
  • Solid prior experience working in complicated security contexts
  • Knowledge of donor procedures
  • Organized and good coordination / project management skills
  • Experience with logistics & supply chains is an advantage
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven capacity to train others
  • Flexible and willing to learn
  • Team player
  • Fluency in English

The Mentor Initiative applies zero tolerance to the exploitation, sexual abuse and mistreatment of women, children and all others, and, mobilizes all its staff in the implementation of its global policy. The Mentor Initiative will contact previous employers of applicants to determine if they have had a history of violating codes of conduct relating to sexual harassment, exploitation or abuse and fraud.

How to apply

CV, letter of motivation and 3 references to be sent to

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