Project Manager

Job Code: AHF-HIRE-30

About the organization:

A non-profit organization that provides projects and humanitarian services to the Syrian community, capable of spreading and reaching those who deserve it, with credibility, efficiency and effective partnership.

Academic qualifications and required experience:

  • Relevant university degree, preference for holders of a university degree in business administration-education-law.
  • Experience in managing projects related to community integration activities between refugees and host communities is an advantage.
  • Good relations with the active bodies and organizations in the project implementation area.
  • At least four years of experience in managing development projects, including empowerment and protection projects (women’s protection – child protection – general protection).
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Computer skills and Microsoft Office software: Excel – Word – PowerPoint.
  • Arabic is the mother tongue with proficiency in both Turkish and English (reading-writing-conversation)
  • Preference is given to people who have Turkish citizenship or a valid work permit.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Manage everything related to the project to ensure the implementation of activities related to the protection and empowerment of women and community integration, follow up on the implementation of project activities in accordance with the work plan and with the required quality, distribute and follow up the tasks of project staff and write the necessary project reports, in addition to providing the necessary support for the protection program.
  • Functional and organizational relationships:
  • Responsible for managing and delivering project and budget activities, preparing reports in a timely manner, and monitoring and evaluating project achievements. The Project Manager reports directly to the Program Manager and is accountable to the Program Manager for the effective performance of all responsibilities.
  • Preparing comprehensive implementation plans for the project.
  • Determine the necessary technical requirements for employees working in the field.
  • Conduct interviews with the nominated beneficiaries to form the required working group.
    Setup/share, with program management to prepare relevant daily tracking schedules to follow up on project activities daily with the project team.
  • Day-to-day management of the field team to appropriately assign tasks and ensure that each person completes their task ahead of time with accuracy and full transparency.
  • Mission assurance review and receipt of reports and documents from field staff before being compiled and presented to anyone outside the organization (eg donors, partners and related entities).
  • Inform the Program Manager of any potential delay or problem and provide the necessary suggestions to meet any challenge in project implementation and address revision requests.
  • Securely maintains all project related records, reports and documents.
  • Review all completion reports (financial, logistical, human resources, etc.) for the project before sending them to any party outside the organization.
  • Preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual project performance reports and submitting them to the program manager.
  • Hold regular meetings with project field workers to identify challenges and attempt to resolve them independently.
  • Manage communications related to donors and projects
    Coordinating with the monitoring and evaluation team to develop the necessary plans to monitor activities
    Contribute to coordination, network building, and partnership with other agencies in line with the organization’s goals, objectives, and project, including governmental and non-governmental organizations and communities.
    Providing the necessary support in writing project proposals.
    Oversee timely data collection and reporting at the local level.
    Attends all project related meetings (groups, coordination, funding, program, etc.) and makes relevant presentations to groups and donors.
    High qualifications and multi-sector experience, allowing him to design (co-design), follow-up and fill in the gaps.
  • Performs other program related duties as assigned and in line with project implementation
    Work closely with the logistics, finance and media teams for required issues
    Sending continuous updates and sharing information with stakeholders

Number of weekly working hours: 45 hours

Number required: 1

Gender: female

Priority is given to the organization’s employees, those who have previously worked in the organization, or people with special needs whose injury does not prevent him from performing the full responsibilities and tasks of the job, or those with senior experience.

How to apply

Candidates wishing to apply for the announced vacancy may send their CVs to the following link:

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