Advocacy and Communications Specialist (Senior)

Job Description

Impact Santé Afrique (ISA) is an African Non-Governmental Organization based in

Cameroon. ISA specializes in advocacy and strategic communication with the primary objective of

main objective is to contribute to the fight against malaria and the improvement of the health

of populations. ISA coordinates the new global platform of Civil Society Organizations for the fight against

Civil Society Organizations for Malaria Control (CS4ME), which aims to raise awareness of malaria for

awareness of malaria for community-centered, gender-sensitive, and adequately funded programs that include civil society, sufficiently funded and inclusive of civil society. ISA is seeking an experienced

and Advocacy Specialist to support its programs and help achieve the goals of its to support its programs and help achieve the goals of its malaria control programs.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The Communication and Advocacy Officer will be responsible for the overall development and

implementation of ISA’s communication and advocacy plans. He/she will lead

implementation of integrated advocacy policy analysis and participation initiatives, campaigns and

advocacy, campaigning and influencing work at the national, regional and international levels to

regional and international levels to achieve meaningful impact. He/she is also responsible for

overseeing the implementation and management of ISA’s communications activities and events

events to reinforce the organization’s core mission of raising awareness of malaria.

Job Requirement

Advocacy, program design and implementation

Contribute to the strategic direction, decision-making, effectiveness and development of the development of the organization and maintenance of the ISA brand, ensuring that strategic direction is aligned with national, regional and global healthregional and global priorities in health, malaria and other relevant issues.
Contribute to the development and manage the execution of the strategic plan for advocacy and communication strategic plan.
Lead and quality assure the operational implementation of the strategy related to the development of integrated advocacy and communication campaigns that impact and effectiveness and large-scale transformational change at the community transformational change at the policy and community level.
Lead the planning, implementation and execution of quality campaigns related to to identified advocacy priorities at the global, regional and country levels.
Identify key gaps and opportunities in public policy where ISA’s advocacy interventions can have a significant impact and lead to progressive change.
Plan, guide, and pilot the use of innovations and successes from ISA’s advocacy work to advocacy work to influence policymakers and improve malaria control programs.
Evaluate the results of advocacy interventions to better shape advocacy strategy.
Develop and strengthen partnerships, networks, and strategic alliances within and beyond sector actors, government counterparts, CSOs, and NGOs involved in malaria NGOs involved in health-related activities, particularly malaria.
Strengthen the capacity of CSO partners to increase their involvement in advocacy, policy and decision making.
Supervise the advocacy and communications team to ensure achievement of program objectives.
Conduct health policy and stakeholder analyses.
Develop technical advocacy briefs and content for other advocacy tools.
Prepare power point presentations and other key documents for leaders.


Contribute to the development and implementation of a communications and media strategy to strengthen the country program’s brand, influence stakeholders in order to promote change on key malaria issues and health financing issues identified through policy analysis and program implementation.
Develop and maintain a positive and proactive relationship with the media and donors.
Participate in meetings, seminars and other strategic/important events at the national , regional and international levels.
Contribute to the development and dissemination of materials for the media and other media and other audiences, such as speeches, articles, statements, press releases, blog content and other social media.
Ensure that the field work of colleagues in communications is integrated into programmatic into programmatic reports.

Support the development of ISAs

Identify key advocacy gaps and opportunities where ISA’s programmatic approach can have a significant impact and lead to progressive incremental change.
Design and develop proposals for quality communications and advocacy projects that and advocacy projects that are aligned with the organization’s strategic priorities and meet donor requirements.
Support the advocacy and communications team in developing their capacity in advocacy, communication, program/project planning and management quality control.
Ensure quality and timeliness of reports in accordance with donor and ISA standards.
– A master’s degree in communications, advocacy, social sciences or a related field.- At least 8 years of communications or advocacy experience.- Experience in an advocacy role is essential.- Ability to work in an international/multicultural environment.- Good knowledge of advocacy issues and actions, experience/knowledge of African and international advocacy networks.- Excellent writing skills in English and very good knowledge of French. Excellent oral and written communication skills (including report writing) to produce to produce professional documents to international standards and to participate in discussions and debates.- Excellent relationship management skills. Strong negotiation and negotiation and influencing skills. Ability to develop strong working relationships with colleagues and diverse stakeholders such as government officials, partners and partners and community members, donors, CSOs, other sector actors, and CSOs, other sector actors, and senior policy makers.- A positive and dynamic attitude.- Strong organizational skills, work methodology: Ability to plan, prioritize and Ability to plan, prioritize and organize own and others’ work.- Ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines- Ability to work independently and also in collaboration with colleagues.- This position requires national and international travel.- Please note that this position could be filled by a person who is not based in Cameroon.

How To Apply

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Offers received after this date will not be considered.

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