Video Production Services Contractor


Video Production Services Contractor

Project Overview

The Accelerate Women’s Entrepreneurship for Peace and Prosperity in Sulu project is designed to contribute to improving the quality of life, increasing employment opportunities, and promoting overall stability in the Bangsamoro region. Through its partner community-based organizations, the project will provide economic opportunities to women in Sulu who most need them. The Asia Foundation and Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) work with individuals and groups including former combatants, wives, and family members of former combatants, those affected by violent extremism, either directly as victims of violence, or family members of those involved in extremist groups.

The project reached a total of 288 women including 5 women with disabilities who directly benefitted from project activities. The activities were implemented in partnership with local organizations—Tumikang Sama Sama, Sinagtala center, and Matawkasi Inc. In addition, The Asia Foundation through its regional project supported by Visa Foundation, Accelerate Women’s Entrepreneurship and Access to Capital in Cambodia and the Philippines supported additional trainings on the following topics: branding and marketing, financial literacy, and Islamic Finance to Sulu women entrepreneurs. There were 196 women out of 288 Sulu women entrepreneurs participated in the said trainings.

Finally, the project co-created with the Ministry of Trade, Investments, and Tourism (MTIT) the branding and identity for Bangsamoro products. This resulted to the formal adoption of the Choose Bangsamoro brand by the MTIT as its regional brand to help promote products and identity of Bangsamoro.

Period: July 2022

Scope of Work of the Contractor

Accelerate Sulu seeks for an outfit who can provide video production services to create 1 audio-visual output (3-5 mins) to capture and highlight the accomplishments of the project.

Specifically, the contractor shall undertake the following:

  • In collaboration and coordination with project team, propose an initial storyboard and treatment for the video outputs.
  • Develop a production timeline for the project from preproduction to postproduction, considering revisions and approval process.
  • Present the final storyboard, script, shot list and shooting guide to the project team.
  • Arrange for voice-over narration, caption including translation for subtitles, background music, graphics, and any other postproduction elements.
  • Present the first draft of each video output to the project team for comments and edit the output with a maximum of three revisions after the first draft.
  • Finalize the videos and submit the definition file to the team along with the raw footages.
  • Submit 30 post processed photographs from the video interviews.

Required Skills and Qualifications

  • A minimum of 4 years’ experience working video production, experience in working in development sector production and documentation is a plus
  • Should be able to provide work references through an online portfolio or at least three work samples
  • In-depth knowledge on video production processes and activities, with demonstrated experience in negotiation, planning, and budgeting for the production
  • Able to convene, lead and manage a production team to undertake the tasks outlined above – including organizing remote production team members to oversee actual interviews and recording in Sulu

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proven ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously with timely approach to work and deadlines
  • Knowledge and familiarity with context of conflict-affected or post-conflict areas particularly their political landscape, peace process, development initiatives, governance, and security-related matters
  • Local outfit based in Mindanao to facilitate travel and logistics

How to apply

APPLICATION GUIDELINES: Interested applicants should send in their accomplished The Asia Foundation Application Form (, EBD Form (, proposal (with package rate), and sample portfolio (required) to on or before 4 PM on 13 July 2022.

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