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About Watershed

Watershed is an NGO that focuses on providing, improving WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and upholding hygiene standards.

Our Ethos

  • Teamwork
  • Solidarity
  • Hard work and hands-on spirit
  • Transparency
  • Friendliness
  • Practical solutions
  • Authenticity
  • On-the-ground mentality

About the Role

The Administrative Coordinator leads Watershed’s office team in the successful fulfilment of administrative activities, in close collaboration with the Financial Coordinator. This person will use their excellent organisational and administrative skills to carry out a wide range of tasks that are required to support Watershed in reaching project objectives on-site.

The ideal candidate should have strong time management skills, with the ability to prioritise based on need, and the motivation to self-start. As the role is predominantly office-based, the successful candidate will be experienced and knowledgeable of a wide range of computer packages, such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite; experience with the Adobe package (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) or other design programs is desirable. As the focal point for communications, an excellent command of written and spoken English is required.

This person outwardly represents Watershed in their daily activity therefore it is necessary to be well informed and have a good understanding of the operational activities on-site, as well as a good overview of the socio-political context. It is a requirement to be able to act with professionalism at all times, as this person is responsible for the external image of the organisation through donor relation management and reporting, digital communications and social media, human resource management, including volunteer coordination, amongst other tasks.

The Administrative Coordinator will be expected to work in a multicultural environment, therefore strong communication skills, good interpersonal and coordination skills are required, as well as the ability to uphold the Watershed ethos, in order to work closely with other Watershed staff, volunteers, contractors and suppliers.

With the apparent stabilisation of situation on Lesvos, the current period is transitional for many NGOs on the island, Watershed included. This is an exciting opportunity for the ideal candidate to contribute to the development of the organisation and support the potential expansion to other project sites. The below responsibilities are split into two categories (essential/ desired) and whilst some key duties need to be performed, we would support individual professional development in order to eventually carry out the desired tasks if that is required.

* Essential part of job

* Desired part of job / if necessary*

Key responsibilities

Administrative and Office Management

  • Maintain knowledge and overview of project timelines to ensure internal and external mechanisms and deadlines are met by team*
  • Coordinate with Financial Coordinator to fulfil administrative workload*
  • Facilitate information flow with team implementing and chairing team meetings*
  • Support senior management secretarially**
  • Network on behalf of Watershed and represent the organisation during some meetings (as agreed with management/team) if required**
  • Support programmatic research and strategic planning **

Donor focal point and reporting lead

  • Maintaining regular communication with donors, proactively if necessary*
  • Build relationships within donor organisations*
  • Ensure Watershed meets commitments to donors and where that’s not possible forewarning donors*
  • Generate high-quality narrative reports according to the agreed reporting frameworks and timelines, with support from team*
  • Support with the production of other narrative documents, such as proposals for donors, Ministry or camp authorities *

Digital communications and social media management

  • Work to ensure Watershed maintains a regular, good quality, interesting social media presence *
  • Motivate and lead general team and/or specific team members (e.g. social media volunteer) with content creation (imagery and text) **
  • Generate on-brand design elements for social media using Canva *
  • Maintain and update website content on a regular basis **
  • Collaborate with external experts on digital communications **

Human resource management

  • Manage all internal/external HR enquiries*
  • Manage all staff and international volunteer recruitment and onboarding processes*
  • Coordinate, and where appropriate initiate, training sessions for team**
  • Implement feedback sessions and wellbeing check ins with team**
  • Act as wellbeing focal point within the team**

Focal point for policy and protocol

  • Work with senior management and long-term staff to develop and maintain policy and protocols in all manner of policy areas (e.g. HR, PSEA, Wellbeing etc.) *
  • Coordinate with area experts / attend trainings to understand best practice*
  • Act as focal point for safeguarding issues (confidential reporting) **
  • Support team to abide by policy and protocol*
  • Maintain documentation (e.g. written policy documents, incident reporting etc) *

Active WS team member

  • Participate in the regular internal meetings*
  • Contribute to developing programme reporting mechanisms *
  • Ensure the implementation of project activities is aligned with Watershed’s values *
  • Abide by Code of Conduct and other policies that govern the actions of our team *
  • Work effectively in cross functional projects, where necessary*
  • Work effectively with other departments, manage issues with clarity and to ensure effective information flow and team working *
  • Work effectively with relevant international teams to maximise the benefits of international collaboration & shared learning *

Knowledge, skills and experience

Prior education in HR management, administration or studies related to humanitarian affairs are appreciated.

Excellent communication skills: Excellent written and verbal English is essential; additional language skills are desirable.

Experience and confidence with Microsoft Office and Google Suite are required, experience of additional computing packages (Adobe package, Canva etc) is very desirable, but training can be provided.

Strong interpersonal skills, good planning, time-keeping, goal setting, and prioritisation skills, including the ability to work on multiple projects at once, sometimes singlehandedly.

Very good understanding of human rights, migration issues and the local refugee context.

Experience working in international contexts and/or for a humanitarian organisation as an added benefit. Personal volunteer experience is welcome.

How to apply

Fill in the application form

Upload your CV and/or cover letter via a cloud link within the form.

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