Advocacy and Communications Coordinator

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JOB TITLE: Incidence and Communications Coordinator

LOCATION: Bogotá, Colombia


Level 3: This position will have contact with girls, boys and adolescents either frequently (one or more times a week) or intensively (four or more days) or; during visits to projects in the country, for which background will be verified in the work with children.

We need to maintain secure screening processes, which includes rigorous background checks, Reflects our commitment to protecting children from abuse


This position is responsible for supporting the project management in the creation and execution of the communication and advocacy actions necessary for the project – Covering Gaps for Integral Development 2021-2024, to make visible and increase the attention among key audiences on the importance of development of skills in the Educational System, as well as their inclusion in policies, plans and programs at the national and territorial level.

The advocacy and communications coordinator will coordinate the design, implementation and monitoring of communication and social mobilization actions and strategies related to the project and in specific audiences such as educational authorities, civil society organizations, cooperation, unions, businessmen, media. of communication, boys, girls and adolescents. Support the relationship, development of alliances and supervision of the contracting processes of the activities that arise from the project related to advocacy, communication and knowledge management actions, under the Incidence and Communications Directorate, as well as the guidance of the Management of the project.

The position will be responsible for coordinating communication and advocacy actions with:

  • Project Manager
  • Coordination of Incidence and Communications
  • Field office managers linked to the project
  • The Thematic Advisors of the Program Development and Quality Directorate -PDQ
  • And with the other areas that require it.


Project implementation

  • Ensure the collection, analysis, research and dissemination of timely information and the development of content for political advocacy and campaigns related to the gaps and the development of skills in the Educational System and its inclusion in policies, plans and programs at the national and departmental level, between audiences, specific audiences such as educational authorities, civil society organizations, cooperation, unions, businessmen, the media, children and adolescents.
  • Support the project management and the Office of Advocacy and Communications in the Technical assistance processes for linking skills in their plans, policies and programs at the national, departmental and municipal levels.
  • Coordinate spaces for the exchange of knowledge at the local, departmental, national and international levels (Strategic Planning, Consultations, Forums, communities of practice, visits of experts, workshops) related to the development of skills.
  • Support the project management and the Advocacy and Communications Directorate in the actions of cabildéo and work with candidate government programs during the period 2022 and 2023.
  • Development and implementation of campaigns in line with the SCI Global Campaigns in the context of skills development and Save Our Education and other specific campaigns that may be defined in the implementation of the project.
  • Produce all key deliverables prioritized by the Bridging Gaps for Skills Development Project – LEGO.
  • Produce and support Advocacy and Communications activities between field offices and coordination with internal and external partners of the organization related to the development of skills to develop information for the generation of public awareness and positioning of key issues in social networks and mass media.
  • Technically accompany field office managers, local teams, and Program Managers and field teams from the different areas in the process of strengthening staff capacities and understanding and commitment of local authorities, civil society, and children and adolescents. adolescents, local civil society and communities on issues related to the development of comprehensive skills in Educational Systems.
  • Support technical efforts, dialogue and coordination with other civil society organizations and platforms, national and territorial authorities, private companies, educators and unions, parents and children and adolescents carried out by the Project Management under the direction of the Directorate of Advocacy and Communications, and in coordination and articulation with the technical advisers of Education, CRG and Poverty Reduction.
  • Participate in technical and working tables that are set up for the development of the line under their charge in an articulated and coordinated manner with the Advocacy and Communications Directorate of the Country Office.
  • Keeping the Project Management, the Director of Incidence and Communications updated, on the developments, advances and challenges for the development of the work in charge of the project.
  • Coordinate actions related to the participation and communication of children and adolescents related to the development of skills and their advocacy and accountability initiatives at the national and territorial level.

Cross organizational processes

  • Coordinate and articulate strategies, actions and interventions on a permanent basis with the Directorate of Advocacy and Communications of the Country Office to guarantee complementarity, strengthening and expansion of political advocacy to strengthen compliance with children’s rights within the framework of the Country Strategy from Save the Children.
  • Attend meetings, workshops, events that are called.
  • Lead the execution of personal and group security processes according to the provisions and procedures adopted by the organization.
  • Permanent monitoring of compliance with children’s rights, gaps in comprehensive skills and initiatives for their development in the project’s areas of influence.
  • Freepress and relations with the media in coordination with the national communications office.
  • Create articles and copies to feed the Save the Children Colombia website on skills development.
  • Other functions that are assigned to him by his immediate supervisor.


Professional in Social Sciences or Administration Sciences with postgraduate studies and experience in public policy, implementation of development projects, childhood and youth.


At least four (4) years leading projects aimed at:

  • Implementation of development projects in public policies related to education, childhood and youth.
  • Experience in qualitative or quantitative research, report writing and field research techniques.
  • Experience in working with multiple actors in humanitarian and development contexts.
  • Understanding of the educational system, policies and procedures of the educational sector at the national and / or territorial level.
  • Experience in direct work of participation of children and youth in social processes and political advocacy.
  • Knowledge and management of the child rights approach and its application in political advocacy processes.
  • Knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of public awareness and social mobilization campaigns
  • Coordination and work with other civil society organizations, the United Nations and the government
  • Excellent writing / analytical skills.
  • Experience in advocacy processes, research and development of internal / external advocacy products.
  • Strong planning / anticipation skills;
  • Highly developed organizational skills;
  • Good judgment and the ability to effectively prioritize multiple tasks;
  • High level of commitment to Save the Children’s values.
  • Excellent knowledge for written and oral work in English.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills, communication strategies
  • Processes related to the policies and procedures of the education sector at the national and / or territorial level.
  • Direct communications work related to children and youth, as well as development projects aimed at developing skills for vulnerable populations.
  • Dialogue with public and private actors in the management of alliances
  • Knowledge and experience in the design and implementation of public awareness and social mobilization campaigns
  • Articulation and management with public and private organizations, and inter-institutional management at the governmental level and with civil society.
  • Knowledge and experience in direct work with civil society organizations and coordinated work with others.

NOTE 1: With the presentation to participate in this call, Save the Children is authorized to verify the personal information provided, as well as to make use of personal data for verification purposes in public and private databases related to our anti-fraud policies , money laundering and financing of terrorism. The data used will be those indicated in the issued citizenship card.

NOTE 2: In any case, the solution to the technical test will be a criterion for the evaluation and selection of personnel, so the content will only be used for the purposes of the selection process and the intellectual property of the same will be respected, it does not generate in no remuneration whatsoever.

Resumes will be received from October 14 to 21, 2021.

Proposals submitted once the time set for this purpose has been fulfilled and passed, or based on a dependency other than that stated in this document, WILL NOT BE RECEIVED .

This job offer is open to Colombian citizens or foreigners legally authorized to work in Colombia and who meet the requirements established in the call.

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