Area Nursing Services Officer

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Undertakes periodic and regular supervisory visits to health centers to ensure nursing staff are
working in line with the technical instructions and approved strategies;
Gathers, reviews, verifies and analyses health data and reports related to his/her designated
area; ensures maintenance and completeness of health centers’ records;
Supports the provision of nursing services in collaboration with Heads Health Centre and
Senior Staff Nurses at the Health Centers;
Directs and supervises the operation, administration, implementation and evaluation of the
nursing services at the Health Center level in the area assigned; assists the Field Nursing
Services Officer in planning, directing, supervising, evaluating and developing the nursing
services; collaborates in the overall management of the area by participating in team
Identifies requirements for health centers, including medical equipment, medical instruments,
furniture, printed forms and other materials; advises on replacement; carries out periodic
inventory and stock checking;
Assists in the planning, organization and implementation of the in- service and on-the-job
training of nursing staff; implements the orientation and training program for newly
recruited nursing staff in his/her assigned area;
Participates in the maintenance of a healthy and safe work environment in accordance with
the Health Technical Instructions and guidelines and Infrastructure Standards;
Assists the Field Nursing Services Officer in conducting researches and studies;
Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

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