Civil Structural Engineer

1. Position Overview:
The civil engineer will be responsible for overseeing and managing civil engineering projects, ensuring the successful completion of infrastructure development initiatives. The engineer will be involved in the design, analysis, and construction of structures, ensuring compliance with engineering standards, codes, and project requirements.

  1. Key Responsibilities:
    • Conduct site investigations and assessments to gather relevant data for project planning and design.
    • Design and analyze civil engineering structures, including buildings, bridges, roads, and foundations, considering structural integrity, safety, and sustainability.
    • Prepare engineering drawings, specifications, and technical reports.
    • Collaborate with architects, contractors, and other stakeholders to ensure seamless coordination throughout the project lifecycle.
    • Develop project plans, including cost estimates, timelines, and resource allocation.
    • Supervise and provide technical guidance to construction teams during the implementation phase.
    • Monitor project progress, ensuring adherence to quality standards, safety regulations, and contractual obligations.
    • Conduct inspections and assessments of existing structures, identifying any structural issues and recommending appropriate remedial measures.
    • Stay updated with industry advancements, emerging technologies, and relevant codes and regulations.
  2. Required Qualifications and Skills:
    • Master’s degree in Civil Engineering or a related field. Professional certification/license is mandatory.
    • Proven experience in civil engineering, including design, analysis, and project management.
    • Proficient in engineering software and tools for design and analysis purposes.
    • Strong knowledge of structural engineering principles, codes, and regulations.
    • Excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to propose innovative and practical solutions.
    • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal, to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and stakeholders.
    • Strong organizational and project management abilities.
    • French speaking
  3. Other tasks:
    The engineer will supervise and provide guidance and training to junior engineering staff or technicians.
  4. Duration and Location:
    6 months to 1 year consultancy contract- renewable.
    Location: Goma/ Virunga national park
  5. Performance Evaluation:
    Performance will be evaluated based on the engineer’s ability to successfully manage and deliver civil engineering projects within specified timelines, budget, and quality standards. Additionally, adherence to safety regulations, effective collaboration with stakeholders, and continuous professional development will be considered.

How to apply

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