Consultancy position to develop and implement a climate-focused mediation and dialogue training curricula and Trainer Development

The following Terms of Reference are part of a call for expression of interest for consultants who meet the below criteria to provide Independent Services to the Berghof Foundation Operations gGmbH. The consultancy contract covers the period from 16th August 2023 – 16th October 2023, during which the consultant is expected to complete and deliver the services and tasks mentioned below.


As part of Berghof Foundation’s commitment to fostering peacebuilding and conflict transformation initiatives in Iraq, Berghof Foundation is seeking a for the development of a climate-focused mediation and dialogue training curricula and trainer development activity as well as community specific climate-focused mediation and dialogue capacity building. The curricula and trainings aim to address the escalating impact of climate change on local communities and local conflict dynamics and to equip relevant stakeholders with the necessary skills to effectively mediate and manage climate-related conflicts and facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues on the nexus of climate change and conflict in Iraq.

The consultant is expected to deliver the following:

1. Develop a comprehensive climate conflict mediation/dialogue training curricula:

  • Expected Delivery Date: 17th of September 2023.

that encompasses theoretical frameworks, practical mediation and dialogue techniques, and case studies tailored to the specific context of Iraq.

The curricula’s objectives are: understanding of climate-focused dialogue and mediation as a tool for conflict transformation; knowledge on mediation and dialogue facilitation techniques on climate-related conflicts with multi-level stakeholders; tools to analyze conflicts with a climate-change lens and to identify entry points for dialogue and mediation in climate-induced/exacerbated conflicts.

The contextually relevant and culturally sensitive climate conflict mediation/dialogue training curricula should have the following:

  • The curricula package should be comprised of different components (from basic to advanced) and the different components should allow for use separately (e.g., Day 1&2 basic, Day 3&4 advanced.
  • The curricula should be suitable for individuals who do not have any academic background or theoretical background in conflict transformation and the climate peace/conflict nexus as well as individuals who have basic knowledge and can only participate in the advanced components.
  • The curricula should offer case studies based on the already implemented activities of the organization across Iraq (findings will be shared with the consultant).
  • The curricula should be enriched by integrating a greater proportion of experiential, hands-on activities, such as roleplays, simulations, and small group discussions, in lieu of relying exclusively on traditional lectures.
  • The curricula ought to encompass tangible tools and templates that participants can utilize both during and after their training. These resources may include agenda templates, conflict analysis worksheets, and sample dialog guides.
  • Additionally, the curricula should incorporate a comprehensive evaluation of participants’ skill enhancement pre- and post-training, employing assessments, observations, and feedback surveys.
  • The curricula must encompass the development of captivating visual materials, such as infographics, to cater effectively to diverse learning styles.

2. Deliver one training course to a group of identified stakeholders of community leaders and local authorities in Arabic in Tal Afar (full training package from basic to advanced).

  • Expected Delivery Date: The training is expected to take place in late September. A more specific date will be communicated at a later date.

3. Train-the-Trainers Program: the consultant will train a group of identified trainers from diverse backgrounds and with some experience in conflict transformation and the climate – peace/conflict nexus who will be equipped to deliver the climate conflict mediation/dialogue training to local authorities, community leaders, and other stakeholders across Iraq.

  • Expected Delivery Date: The ToT is planned to take place mid to late October. A more specific date will be communicated at a later date.

The Training of Trainers (ToT) is intended to attain the following objectives:

  • Furnish the facilitators with essential facilitation techniques and feedback mechanisms, encompassing active listening, effective questioning, and proficient group management.
  • Incorporate practical facilitation simulations to afford the facilitators valuable hands-on experience and receive constructive feedback.
  • Provide the trainees with comprehensive technical and theoretical knowledge pertaining to the curricula being taught.
  • The Training of Trainers (ToT) should span multiple sessions, scheduled within an agreed-upon period, such as one week, to afford the trainees ample time for learning, assimilating, and reflecting upon the acquired information.

The consultant will implement the aforementioned activities in close coordination with the Berghof project team and the partner organisation and will participate in (online) consultations throughout contract period with the Berghof project team and the partner organisation to discuss progress, possible questions and further issues.

Required Skills and Experience


  • An academic background degree in Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Environmental Economics/Studies, Social Sciences, Conflict/Peace Studies, International Relations/Development, Political Science, or other related domain; concentration in climate conflict prevention and peace-studies would be highly desirable.
  • Master’s or PhD in one of the above relevant fields will be an asset.


  • A minimum of 7 years of experience in the field of climate conflict prevention and resolution, peacebuilding and conflict-sensitive development.
  • Extensive knowledge of climate change, environmental issues, natural resource management and the intersection with peacebuilding and conflict transformation/resolution.
  • Substantive experience in curricula development with relevance to climate conflict mediation, peace and conflict prevention.
  • Substantive experience with training on results-oriented development in the areas of conflict prevention, climate conflict mediation and dialogue, peace building.
  • Previous experience in the facilitation/participation in climate conflict dialogues activities would be an asset.


  • Fluency in English and Arabic or Kurdish is required.

What you can expect from us

  • Highly engaged people, working environment & international network
  • Very relevant and challenging purpose
  • If needed – advisory services regarding travel conditions.

How to apply

Interested applicants are invited to submit their CV and offersby email at:, by 7 August 2023 at the latest.

Note: The offer should include the total requested amount to deliver the above-mentioned deliverables as well as a breakdown which indicates the requested price for each task namely:

  1. The development of the curricula.
  2. The delivery of one training course in Arabic in Tal Afar, Iraq.
  3. The delivery of the ToT to the facilitators.

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be asked for an interview.

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