El Niño – La Niña Response Monthly Update, May 2024 – Issue 3

Preview of El Niño Update ISSUE 3 May 2024.pdf

El Niño impacts continue to wreak havoc, especially in Eastern and Southern Africa, even as we are quickly heading towards neutral conditions. There is now a 69% chance of a transition to La Niña by July- September, and 85% by the end of the year. Scientists and disaster management professionals have already started preparing for La Niña.

In the past few weeks alone, more than one million people have been affected by floods, from Kenya to Brazil and Pakistan. Hundreds of people have lost their lives across Eastern Africa. In the meantime, South-East Asia is grappling with a widespread heatwave, and Southern Africa is facing the prospect of failed harvests because of the drought.

In this context, the growing mobilization at the international and regional levels represents a welcome move, but much more needs to be done. Humanitarian requirements are severely underfunded this year, and people on the ground are paying the price.

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