Gender Based Violence Trainer

Service provider – Terms of Reference – For Gender Based Violence Trainer for The Project “Strengthening the active participation of women (young, refugee, Jordanian and WwD) with a holistic rights-based approach in Jordan”.

Entity: Alianza por la Solidaridad – ActionAid

Location: Jordan

Duration: 5 days.

Expected start of Assignment: July

1. Introduction:

Alianza por la Solidaridad-ActionAid (Alianza) is a non-profit NGO with more than 30 years of experience. We are a group of committed, passionate and convinced people that a more egalitarian and sustainable world is possible. In 2018 we became part of the International Federation of Action Aid, which has allowed us to expand the network of countries in which we work, to more than 50 in the 5 continents, reach more people, make our projects more visible and be more effective with our political pressure.

2. Background Information on the project:

Alianza is part of a project funded by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation (AECID) and entitled “Strengthening the active participation of women (young, refugee, Jordanian, Jordanian and WwD) with a holistic rights-based approach in Jordan.

The project aims to contribute to a violencefree life for women (Jordanian, refugee, youth and WwD) by preventing economic, gender, community and digital violence. The project aims to contribute to a violence-free life for women at risk of exclusion, Jordanian and refugee women, youth and WwDs, through economic empowerment, protection and prevention of SGBV and conflict prevention in their communities, as a strategy to reduce the inequalities and ensure their contribution to sustainable development, while promoting social cohesion and conflict prevention. On the one hand, to mitigate and respond to GBV situations so that women survivors can rebuild their lives and emerge stronger from the process. On the other hand, to create the conditions for the existence of an environment of integral protection, where: 1.Women are aware of their rights, the situations of violence to which they are subjected and know how to react to it; 2. Society, and in particular men, recognize and condemn GBV, and changes are made to promote a protective environment and women’s empowerment (including greater participation in the public sphere and greater co-responsibility at the household level); 3. staff of local organizations and CBOs have a high level of capacity and innovative strategies to contribute to this change in the long term. The current service that is looked for, relates to the implementation of A2.1.1 of the aforementioned project: “Training of all personnel involved in the different components of the project on GBV identification and referral, confidentiality, PSEA, stress management and inclusion of women with disabilities.

3. Scope of work:

Alianza is in search of a specialist to deliver a training on issues of GBV identification and referral, confidentiality, PSEA and inclusion of women with disabilities. Training will be provided to all staff of all partner organizations involved in project activities to ensure that all (regardless of the specific component in which they are involved) have basic skills to identify GBV cases among the target population and make timely referrals. Work will also be done to establish standard practices to ensure 3 confidentiality, PSEA and SHEA policies, women’s rights, stress management and inclusion of women with disabilities. This is intended to create a common basis among all project staff from different organisation to ensure proper identification, management and referral of GBV cases.


1. Content Development:

• Design a detailed curriculum for the GBV identification and referral, confidentiality, PSEA, and inclusion of women with disabilities training program, ensuring it aligns with the goals and requirements of the project and of Alianza-AA.

• Develop engaging and informative training modules addressing key aspects of GBV and how to deal with it, incorporating relevant case studies, and utilizing interactive elements.

• The basic contents must follow the description of the activity. Other topics may be suggested by the specialist according to her/his knowledge.

2. Incorporate Interactive Elements:

 Integrate interactive elements such as quizzes, discussions, and case studies to enhance participants engagement and understanding.

3. Activity implementation:

• Facilitate the training for the expected group of trainees

• Do the necessary pre- and post- tests to measure the starting point of the participants and the level of knowledge acquired

4. Quality Assurance:

• Conduct thorough reviews and revisions to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the training content. • Address feedback and recommendations from Alianza-AA to enhance the overall quality of the training materials.

5. Timely Delivery:

• Adhere to the agreed-upon timeline for the development and delivery of the GBV training program.

6. Collaboration:

• Work closely with Alianza-AA project team to understand specific requirements, organizational nuances, and any additional elements to be incorporated into the training.

7. Incorporate Inclusivity:

• Ensure that the training content is inclusive, sensitive, and addresses diverse perspectives related to GBV.

4. Deliverables and Timeline:

The activity is expected to be delivered as soon as possible in a date that is suitable for the staff of the different organisations involved in the training. Alianza-AA team will assist in agreeing the dates of training. Deliverables required:

• Detailed training curriculum.

• Training materials (including interactive elements such as quizzes, discussions, and case studies) • Pre and posttests and analysis of the performance/knowledge acquired

• Training report

5. Submission of Proposal:


1. Relevant Experience:

– Demonstrated experience as a Gender-Based Violence trainer, with a track record of creating impactful training materials**.**

2. Educational Qualifications:

 A degree or equivalent qualification in a field related to gender studies, human rights, social work, or a related discipline is preferred**.**

3. Understanding of GBV Issues:

– In-depth knowledge and understanding of Gender-Based Violence issues, gender equality, and related topics.

Submitted applications shall include the following:

• Cover letter with a brief explanation about the consultant with an emphasis on previous experience in this type of work.

• Proposed methodology, contents and duration for the training (maximum 5 days of duration).

• Detailed financial proposal, including all applicable taxes.

• CV.

How to apply

Please submit your full application to with the subject “GBV staff training Jordan”

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