HR Manual review & develop supporting annexes, benchmarking of IRS HR policy & practices against industry benchmarking & building of staff capacity


Islamic Relief Somalia is an International Humanitarian Organization working in Somalia since 2006, providing urgently needed humanitarian assistance to communities affected by conflict, natural disasters, and climate shocks in the country. IR Somalia’s humanitarian emergency and development projects are carried out in the South-Central, Somaliland and Puntland regions. The humanitarian operations are needs based, delivered according to core humanitarian standards, and well-coordinated with the Somalia cluster structures, and are aligned with the Somalia Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs). IRS interventions in Somalia are focused on the following sectors: (i) Food security and Livelihood; (ii) Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); (iii) Primary Health Care Services and nutrition, (iv) CCCM/NFI/ Shelter, (v) Emergency Responses and Disaster Risk Reduction.

To meet the growing needs of the organization and its operations, Islamic Relief Somalia HR team carries out various HR related functions such that community members are provided with high notch services delivered by the professional pool of staff recruited in the most competitive process. Islamic Relief also as part of naturing potential works force, recruit and have placements of junior workforce through internship programmes. However, the organization sometimes faces challenges emanating from both external and internal factors that impede provision of the most conducive working environment to its workforce. To ensure that this is managed, identified and addressed, and to ensure that professional high caliber staff are recruited and placed to work with IR, A professional services from skilled and expert HR firm or individual is hereby requested to submit their CVs and other testimonials in order to cover and deliver on areas mentioned and highlighted in the task below.

Interested consultant or firm should consider submitting a detailed understanding this TOR, methodology to be used, detailed work plan and budget breakdown. The firm/consultant is aimed to carry out a detailed HR Manual, review and suggest amendment and refinement, develop annexes and policy guidelines, conduct stakeholder consultation and feedback mapping for incorporating into policy, develop and design staff training and improvement plans from fieldwork and desk review, develop guidelines, annexes to the policy, refresher follow-up with the HR team, and uptake of the changes in policy, refine performance objectives in line with new strategy documents.

Objective of engaging the consultant:

The general purpose of the consultant is to review HR Manual & develop supporting annexes, benchmarking of IR HR policy & practices against industry benchmarking & building of staff capacity to deliver on new country strategy.

Specific Objectives of the Consultant:

  1. HR Policy review, amendment & refinement
  2. Development of guidelines, annexes to the policy
  3. Stakeholders (staff) consultation and feedback mapping
  4. Staff training and improvement plans from fieldwork and desk review
  5. Refresher follow-up with the HR team and uptake of the changes in policy
  6. Refine performance objectives in line with new strategy documents
  7. Link the changes with recent change management action plans done by management
  8. compensation management and packages
  9. Understanding salary survey data and the survey approach
  10. HR Audit process

Task execution methodology:

The methodology that the consultant will employ in the execution of the assigned tasks will include among others; desk/document review, interviews (mainly KIIs), discussions with stakeholders, observations and analysis, collecting and proof-reading IRS HR Manual in line with the current Somalia labor laws federal and state level. The consultant will look into the following, either develop if non-existent, improve if shallow and also establish supporting annexes of the below mentioned and highlighted items. These include;

  1. Review of Key position and recruitments
  2. Succession plan
  3. Benefits and compensation (insurance, medical, evacuations, work-based injury etc)
  4. Performance appraisal
  5. Training and development plans
  6. Quality life and well-being of staff
  7. Industrial relations issues that may affect the organization including but not limited to its reputation, financial performance, continuity , and ability to provide professional services.
  8. development of the HR Strategic Plan
  9. A 1 month Adhoc
  10. clinicals/Monitor/refresher training and review the implementation of the HR Strategic Plan to ensure it conforms with the organization Strategic Plan
  11. Monitor and review the implementation of the HR Strategic Plan to ensure it conforms with the organizational plans.
  12. Review human resources development, organizational structure (at the supervisory level and above) and compensation principle and practices and recommend any significant changes to the management
  13. Review performance incentive scheme annually and make recommendations to the management
  14. Develop grievances handling and complaints management system including investigation procedures and protocols and where needed establish standards protocols.
  15. Review, revises all HR related policies and do refresher training for managers and all staff.
  16. Establish and develop a Reward system and works force development through established talent acquisition

Overview of the findings and reporting:

The finding should be focused and improved HR policy in detail with reference to national and international standards and address all factors as listed under the objectives in line with IRS’s new strategy to enhance service delivery and subsequent milestone achievements. The consultant should ensure that annexes and tools are delivered and staff trained on new improved HR policy and supporting guides.

Proposed locations (for visit and stakeholder analysis/training, meeting):

  • Field visits to Mogadishu, Garowe and Hargeisa- based on security and access

Financial resources

Islamic Relief request the potential and interested consultant/firm to submit a detailed financial proposal. Islamic Relief will facilitate internal logistical movements and security during the course of the assignment. The consultant should submit itemized quotation in the financial application.


For consideration, kindly submit the following documents.

  1. Minimum Master degree of HRM, Organizational development or related field
  2. Updated CV and cover letter explaining your strength and expertise.
  3. Detailed and clear interpretation and analysis of the ToR (how the firm will undergo in executing the task)
  4. Detailed implementation plan
  5. Detailed budget and breakdown of what cost covers (IR will cover in-country logistical arrangements, organize for training venues and other facilitation required)

Registration certificate’s

How to apply

Submit your application to: on or before 30th May 2023

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