#IMAD2024: A message from UNMHA Head of Mission on the International Mine Awareness Day 2024

Hudaydah, 4 April 2024 – It’s important to on this International Mine Awareness Day that I create and get across a message on mine awareness and on this terrible curse that affects particularly the people of Hudaydah governorate.

UNMHA is here to do everything possible to assist the local authorities and coordinate with the local authorities, to do everything possible to create awareness around this, to educate and to try and relieve the suffering that has been felt.

In any one month. We have between six seven incidents which can have multiple injuries, life changing injuries and most sadly, to the most vulnerable women and children.

So I really believe it’s important that we all work together, not just the authorities, but also families to educate their children to the dangers, not to go into strange areas, not to be picking up pieces of metal that are dangerous and could cause real harm.

On International Mine Action Day, this message needs to get across.

We will remain here to help as much as we can to do everything possible to improve the situation and hopefully have a good outcome and make our small contribution to making this world free of this terrible curse of mines.

Thank you. Shukran.

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